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P********* bad seller RIP OFF SCAM


Did not get what i paid for or was promised (p*****) bad seller, terible response times and no help at all when does, didn’t even come close to provide what was promised and is now not responding.

Mod Note: Username removed. Calling out users by name is against forum rules!


I see the average is 11 hrs, if the seller never delivered what was promised then ask for reversion or simply cancel and ask for a refund… What were you actually trying to buy?? (traffic)?


Should’ve checked out their NEGATIVE reviews before placing your order then eh?


That seller has more bad reviews than any I’ve seen.

Also it is a picture of a woman but the name is that of a man.

You can contact customer support if you did not receive what you ordered.


Calling out users (doesn’t matter if seller or buyer) isn’t allowed here.

Make use of the ‘Resolution Center’ (Guide). If the seller isn’t cooperative, then you may contact the Customer Support instead.

Other than that, there’s not much you can do.


yes i was looking for traffic


You do realize that it was bot traffic?


Just learn your lesson and move on… I was in this position before. Now I’m in this position again big time with regards to buy blackhat bad links…