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hello some Italian with a VAT working on Fiverr ??
is required??
I have to write in my profile that I have the vat and then fiverr does everything automatically ??
as you have to adjust when a customer pays us?
who intesto / do the bill ??
I have to send paper invoices ??
Thanks in advance

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Ciao sithdigital,

the invoicing of the sales is handled by Fiverr.
As a seller you need to keep track of your revenues for the calculation of your tax return, that depends on your tax regime.

As a buyer you can specify your VAT ID in the billing information section of your account.
It will be indicated in the invoices that you will receive as a buyer.

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Thanks Pacquo for fast response. In Italy we have to track the revenue through invoice or similar registration. I cannot receive money without register where them are coming… Normally in this case when i withdraw from fiver to paypal, i should create invoice to fiver because fiver is trasferring money from me. But fiverr told me this is not “correct” on his side… This is why I was searching for italian in my situation…

Ciao! Sono nella stessa situazione e ne voglio capire assolutamente qualcosa. Ci si può sentire in privato?

Salve ragazzi :slight_smile:
Sarei interessato anche io all’ argomento, ci sono news?