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P-o-r-n On Fiverr [ANSWERED]

Since when did Fiverr allow P-o-r-n Gigs to be sold?
There are a number of them now.
I thought this was a clean site?

Have you tried reporting them to customer support? Unless something has changed they are not allowed.

They are definitely not allowed according to the Terms of Service, depending on how you classify adult services. Fiverr doesn’t check every gig as it’s created, though. They have to get caught. Submit a ticket as @misscrystal said. Everyone has to work together to keep Fiverr clean.

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Based on past discussion with support the no adult content policy is pretty strict and is not restricted to just visual. Had to cancel a comic gig once because the client wanted a semi dirty joke added as text.

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And what about buyer who want skype video chat ?

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Not allowed unless customer support has approved your gig to do that.

But I saw on job post section, lots of buyers wants video nude chat …what we supposed to do

Nothing. If Fiverr doesn’t want to allow video chat on their site, then you don’t offer video chat.

You are supposed to ignore them. That would be against the terms of service and could get your account banned. They are wrong for asking for that.

For verification look at Gigs in the “Fun & Bizarre” Catagory.

Seems there are quite a number of Gig’s saying "I will chat with you on Skype for x amount of mins or 1 hour) about ANYTHING you want.

Also Gigs saying I will sent you N-U-D-E photos of me.

Moderator Note: As you have been advised, report it to Customer Support, not the forum.

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This is not the only Gig doing the N-U-D-E photos Gig

Moderator Note: As you have been advised, report it to Customer Support, not the forum. Enough is enough.

I see you have a very prurient interest in naughty gigs, @yr1901.

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I was hoping you would yell ****s! again.

Please help. can i work on Escorts website ? Buyer was place a order without my permission. is it against the fiverr Police ?

Contact customer support for assistance.

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