P****s me off that buyers have all the power


You fragglesrock bend over backwards to please these ungrateful fragglesrocks. It’s never enough… Writing 300 lines of code and making sure they have the latest HTML5. It’s not enough. The wine, complain, call you whatever that want. What CAN the seller say? Uhmmmm, i’m sorry, I apologize, please forgive me… It’s bulls***. If you say go ***** yourself you lose you rating, level and stuck like a newbie.

Fiverr needs so do something with these fragglesrocks. Or atleast give us some damn options. Allow us to terminate that damn sale so we don’t have to take the abuse. without ripping everything away from us. Businesses HAVE the right who they do business with. Fiverr takes that right from you. Fiverr quit fragglesrocking on your bread and butter and give us the more options.

Sheriff’s note: You know why there are so many fragglesrocks here …


Reply to @vedmak: Absolutely Correct.


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sigh… wooosawww


Fragglesrocking hell.


Hahaha… sorry had to vent… people seem to be scared of this thread… I didn’t expect many responses though


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Reply to @vedmak: Wrong… Look at all the complaints on this forum. It has to-do with undeserved feedback, Buyer not completing follow ups, buyers asking for to much, forced cancellations, reversing funds, being rude, all of which you do anything about you lose your rating. If the buyer doesn’t follow through…Nothing happens, Buyer reverses funds, nothing… Buyer leaves undeserved feedback… nothing… explain where in all that they don’t have all the power.

If anything that happens to you… You have to contact CS and beg. Why should I have to beg I did nothing wrong.

There needs to be a buyer rating system.


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Shoot I had a buyer advertise his banner on my site, received 300k impressions in 8 days and 400+ clicks than left neg feedback because he thought he deserved more clicks. Thought I was cheating him and hiding his banner.

I had to beg beg beg beg to get feedback removed and showed plenty of proof finally had it removed after 10 days.

I was told the system doesn’t allow them to remove feedback. Than I showed proof that what she said was untrue. Than she said she couldn’t remove the feedback without the buyers permission. Than I showed proof again what she was stating was untrue. Because I had a seller screw me royally than laughed when I left neg feedback and had it removed within an hour. So after days of back and forth with CS they finally removed it after lies, lies and more lies.

Just saying so much should not be taken away from sellers by buyers who could careless.


Reply to @vedmak: I tried… They wouldn’t refund to remove either. Said they don’t do that.

It’s all over


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At the end of the day, they are your customers. They have the cash you have the product. Being a paying customer you should try to be patient and polite, if they try to stretch it far a bit then simply tell them politely “i am sorry sir, but i simply can’t complete your task for $5 but…” and offer them something well suited for you and a great deal for them that way you feel more comfortable in the price you offer and they feel they are getting more for less! I have many returning customers and thats simply because when i deliver i sometimes offer freebies! Such as this extra for free without them even knowing! That has resulted to many generous tips and returning customers coming for more and ordering more extras! I try to keep a friendly relationship with my clients and always like to see them leave happy and a great review in return. It’s all about patience, thats how business works. Just try to compramise :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! X


I Understand your frustration. I love working here on fiverr, I know I do a great job and proof is that the vast majority of my customers is leaving very happy. But every 200 orders or so, there is always the one, delusional, creepy buyer that is convinced to own you. I’ve been dealing with anything from people ordering the wrong gig, having me do the job and after delivery, state that “Oh, I am sorry, I was looking for a logo design, not a biography”, refund my money (kind of like mistaking the ocean for a mountain). The most common thing is people demanding me to do way more than what I offer and leave an untruthful feedback when I refuse to take the abuse. For as sad as it might sound, I rely heavily on fiverr as a form of income (I am a musician and a free lance journalist…I am also based in Europe, so with the weak dollar, that means extra work) - I always try to accomodate and I don’t mind getting a little out of my way to give some extra and offer a great service to my customers, but with some people , it just ins’t worth taking the time, the arrogant replies and the effort. When I am not sure about a buyer or when I am not fully comfortable with his ways or requests, I simply ask for a mutual cancellation!


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Reply to @vedmak: I hope I’m not one of those you don’t want to hear anymore :wink:

+1 Completely agree with your point of view!!


I have a mindset that the annoying buyer is just one of the things you have to put up with when they come along. Even when people are pretty unfair, I still give them the first class treatment.

However Fiverr is structured, I’d like it to be an ethical basis to solidly protect everyone involved.

There are ways that sellers are taken advantage of and they should be sorted out. I have a buyer who won’t seem to complete a couple gigs. I can’t help but think he’s trying to keep me on a leash with the threat of a negative.


I would like the “creepy” buyers weeded out. It’s pretty easy to see some correspondence and whether people are taking advantage or just plain rude.

I would like a feature that allows me and my gigs to be invisible and forbidden to purchase if I’ve decided to “block” a buyer.

There are some people who can make this a experience a nightmare, and we should have the right to choose whether we want to work with someone without PENALTY! A five dollar transaction should never become a giant problem.