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Package blog/articles and delivery

Hey guys!

So when you have a gig package of 8 blogs/articles and your buyer says “deliver as they’re completed instead of all at once and take your time”, then when I deliver the first of 8 I realize that Fiverr automatically marks gigs as completed after 3 days once something is delivered to the customer.

The customer I have on my first and current one is very laid back, so I doubt it will be an issue with him, but what do you normally do in these situations and does it ever seem to matter to the customer that they’re essentially going to pay you for not yet fully completing the gig package?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t go about it quite that way since some buyers will miscommunicate accidentally and some will take advantage. There are two ways I might do this and my preference I will explain last.

One way is to agree to deliver partials as you did, but make arrangements but the buyer to click request modification and wait for more so the order doesn’t complete. This can be risky since a buyer could cancel partway through, it could run late, etc.

My preferred way is to arrange orders in milestones. For 8 articles, perhaps 2 orders of 4 each or 4 orders of 2 each. You can create them as custom orders with different deadlines so all 8 aren’t due the same day. This is much safer. If I had a buyer who ordered bulk without contacting first, I would give them the option of getting all 8 when I’m done, getting a few in advance but with watermarks that would not be removed until the end, or do a mutual cancel and have the buyer re-order in milestones.

It’s up to you, though, I just don’t like to build in excess risk after being burned.

When something like that happens, I politely explain to the buyer that Fiverr doesn’t allow partial deliveries, and that I will have to deliver it all at once.

Yes, I see what you’re saying. Thank you for the info!