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Package structure need some help

Hi there.
Pleased to meet you all. I am new.

I have been on fiverr for about a month now and as I expected it have been hard to get any interest. It’s that catch 22 issue of not having any rating, but you need a rating to get work.
I have a few questions about my packages. My background is motion-graphics and editing. And I am a hobbyist musician. I am from the UK. Inflation is higher here so my prices are as low as possible. I understand that low is good for getting a first purchase.

I have now created 3 gigs.

Virtual Band editing.

This gig could be fun and rewarding if I can get people to use it. Let me know what you think? The playing is armature here but I am hoping that some better bands might be interested.

Photoshop retouching

This one is boring, but hey… I love boring. About 20 years ago I used to do cut outs and colour balancing, sharpening de-dusting and all sorts of things. Now that times are hard maybe it will be a blessing. I was thinking maybe I could do a better example cut out. I found the pricing structure a little difficult to formulate here. I really wanted to do 30 images on the expensive package.

Stadium Logo

This was my first gig. I am not sure if this is really working.

Is there anyway of making a single pricing plan. I didn’t really want to re-edit this. I wanted it to be a simple 5 minuet render of the same clip, where the logo is very easy to replace. I have made basic as cheap as possible.

Thank you for you advice in advance.

Best regards



In your logo into …stadium gig in the gig description it says “For commercial use” under only the premium package. That makes it seem like in the basic & standard packages it can’t be used commercially.The vast majority of people who have a logo and would want that logo added to a video would want to make some commercial use/business use out of that video, but if they think the only package where they can is the premium package that costs $995 they might think it costs too much.


Good spot. I think I will change that.

Thank you


The pricing rule I use is fairly simple.

I am a writer.

For my 500-word article Gig I charge $25.

I live in Canada so after Fiverr takes their cut, that leaves me with $20 USD.

After exchange into CDN, that $20 becomes roughly $25 CDN.

My normal rate for writing is anywhere between .02 to .05-cents per word (depending on the volume).

$25 CDN puts me at the higher end of that scale.

So, what I am suggesting is that you take a hard look at what you can do your Gig for (price) and what you would consider to be a good profit (after Fiverr takes their 20% cut). Then you price accordingly.

It has worked for me.


I am happy with my pricing. I was wondering if there was anyway to only have one price plan?
With the stadium for example I just want one cheap plan. Part of the reason I made the 3rd option so expensive is that I didn’t want to re-build this scene. It is a labour intensive scene. The idea was that it would be a quick render only in After-Effects, just replacing overlaying graphics on a 3D render. I have made the first option as cheap as just to get a rating. But it seems to be a bit of a fail.


Going too cheap sends a message to some Buyers that it could be a rush job.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

Spend $5 on a watch, you get a $5 watch.

Spend $100 on a watch, you get a quality watch.

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You can select not to have packages instead of having 3 of them. It’s like having 1 package really.

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