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Package your talents, or create a gig for each one?


Hi Fiverr sellers,

I’ve been selling on Fiverr (aggressively) for about 8 months now, and I’ve tweaked and tuned by gigs along the way to up my sales. I’ve trimmed my offerings down to just a few gigs, and as I start gearing up for 2017 with hopes of crossing that $1,000 per week threshold, I’m interested in hearing your feedback on whether or not it’s a good idea to spread out your talents into different gigs.

Currently, I offer a package that includes writing emails, letters, website content, etc. and separates the price based on length of each. My question is, should I be promoting my email writing in a separate gig? The only downside I can see to this (and I experienced when I trimmed my gig quantity earlier this year) is that I’d lose those specific reviews for the email gig if I decide to combine it again later on – I realize the reviews are still part of my total, but it’s a real shame that I lose the count when I combine that gig with another offering.

Any thoughts on this? Do you see a real change when you get a ton of gigs out there? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.

All the best,


A gig for each one. Most of your clients won’t be searching writer, they will be searching “mission statement” or “email” or “email writer.”

Do screenshots for your gig images if you can’t afford to hire someone. A screenshot of an e-mail you’ve written should suffice, or you can try something more creative.

Your prices for website content and vision mission are very high for Fiverr. I’m surprised you’ve gotten orders.

I would also hate rewriting up to 2000 words for $350 only to have the client demand a refund. But each seller is his or her own universe, and some might one to get one order a week for $350 than several a day for whatever. It’s up to you, and I’m not telling you to charge $5-$10 like I do, but you might get more orders if you lower your prices to the minimum you will accept for your work.

Anyway, good luck!


Thanks for your input. Some great ideas…

I’ve gone back and forth on pricing – I definitely feel that the clients I get see the value of good writing and are willing to pay a higher price because of that. However, I’m certainly open to lowering my rates a bit if it will help. At the moment, I’m working less and making more than I did when I had my gigs set at a cheaper price, but I’d like to bump everything up. I’m twiddling my thumbs on some days. I’ll continue to play around with it.

I like your screenshot idea, but this type of writing is so easy to copy once you have a template in place – I don’t think that’s the direction I’ll go in for my images, but your suggestion sparks some ideas for me – thank you!

You make a very valid point about the keyword search. I appreciate all your help!



If you’re afraid of people stealing your templates, just make sure gammelinc is featured prominently in the image.

Either way, you do what you think best. For me, Fiverr is a full-time job, for others it’s a hobby. When it’s a hobby, you can charge whatever you like.