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Packages Feature - Flaw Found - Tip/Workaround/Suggestion

Hello Fiverr Community,

This is a short post to advise on a small flaw found with the new packages feature recently implemented by Fiverr.

If a buyer likes a package, but wants 3 or 4 of that package, then actually selects X3 or X4, the total cost will be multiplied by 3 or 4; however, the days/duration still remains at 1 day when the order is placed.

Example: Package (5000 words, 1 day delivery, $25), buyer wants 15000 words done, so changes the package quantity to 3 then clicks Order Now. The order will be shown as a $75 order due in 1 day (instead of 3).

This most times calls for you/the seller to take action and notify the buyer in the order page that a small custom extra ($5) needs to be attached to adjust the incorrect deadline automatically set (if they are willing and don’t mind an extra $5), or that you will need to cancel the order, then send a custom order with the specifics instead.

This is a small workaround/tip to catch and correct this quickly for a successful order without timer issues.

** Forum Admins** - Please also review and have the technical team look into this ASAP. Refreshing the dashboard to see a $100/$1000 order for just 1 day when it should be a 4/30 day deadline may create problems if not caught in time by the seller.

✩ Speedy876 ✩

What do you mean “but wants 3/4 of those packages”?
What do you mean by “actually selects X3/x4”?

Sorry to sound so confused but not sure what you mean.

For example: 1 package is for 5000 words in 1 day. They may want 15000 words/3 days, so they change the quantity of the package to 3, but this only multiples the cost and sends over the order with a 1 day duration still the same, instead of 3.


I’ve noticed a similar issue with the basic Gig™ quantities before; luckily I set my price bracketing based on an hourly rate… i.e. $5 takes an average of x amount of time… so this was only a matter of time management. Sure, lost some sleep but I made some money.

For larger projects like @speedy876 mentioned, I strongly encourage my clients to contact me first when doing larger orders. Also, my available Gigs™ are fairly low priced, for small bits of work. When a client wants what would amount to multiple Gigs™ I ask them (in the description) to contact me first with their project material, and I send them a quote in the form of a custom offer-- usually priced by the hour from my estimates, which tends to be cheaper for them compared to ordering multiples of Gig/Package quantities.

Another workaround for the word count problem @speedy876 described would be to have a Gig™ Extra for additional words (and explicitly refer to it within the Gig™ Description).

Nevertheless, this is a bug and hopefully it will be promptly addressed… so bump

Also noticed this prior. The thing is, we may recommend that they contact us directly, but there will always be a few clients that fail to do so; hence leaving us in the rut to figure it out. Hoping this gets up the chain quickly, as they seem to be in the middle of rolling this out to all categories across the site.


The forum admins don’t have direct access to the technical team, sorry. You need to submit a ticket to Customer Support if you think this is supposed to work differently. The moderators have to use CS tickets just the same. We can pass along suggestions regarding the forum itself.

Fiverr staff probably glances at the Suggestion Box and Bugs here and there, but I don’t think they read the forums thoroughly, so while it’s fine to post here, it isn’t a good alternative to CS. Good luck!

@fonthaunt, thanks -Will be engaging CS via ticket regarding this as well. Will keep this post up as well as a guide until they implement a fix.

  • Refreshed the dashboard one day and saw a $950 order placed and due in 1 day. Buyer just multiplied the package count, which only worked for the price, but not the duration. Awful. Some newer sellers would’ve probably killed themself with relentless torture to meet that unscrupulous deadline.

Great tip