Packages for Editing Gigs


As a fellow seller/buyer, what do you think would be better for an editing gig:

  1. Each package covers the same amount of words. The first level checks a couple things, second level checks more, and the third level checks everything.
  2. Or, each package checks the same aspects with the higher packages simply covering more words.

I don’t see the point of using packages with the second setup at all (since buyers can add additional words anyway), although many sellers seem to be using that format. I think I’m going to go with the first setup, but deciding on the best pricing structure is tricky.

Feedback welcome :smile:


I’d be interested in knowing this as well. I’m currently using the second setup just because that’s what I set when I signed up, but I’m looking to edit my gig soon. Hearing about the people whose gigs have dropped out of search after they edited them isn’t very reassuring,


From my experience, sometimes a gig will disappear for a day or two and sometimes it will only take a few minutes. I think it really depends on how much you change. For instance, I just spent the last day completely re-doing my gigs (images, descriptions, titles, extras, everything) so I know mine will take a few days to start appearing in search again.

I remember reading that sometimes gigs are auto-reviewed and other times they are actually reviewed by a member of the Fiverr staff, but I’m not sure what warrants a manual review.


That makes sense. I’m considering overhauling mine sometime soon, so thanks for the useful info :slight_smile:
But yeah, my plans were to make it something like:
Basic proofreading, without suggestions
Proofreading/Editing, with grammatical suggestions
Full-on critique, with all of the above as well as suggestions on content/plot (depending on the specific task)
Although I wonder if a full critique should be listed as a gig extra instead…hmm.