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Packages info not saving

Hello! I just started using Fiverr and I’ve been trying to create Packages options and make sure my first Gig is set up correctly. I want to offer full body and color in my standard package but it keeps showing those as extras, which would charge any Buyers an additional fee. And every time I write out and edit my packages the information disappears after I hit “SAVE” and it doesn’t show up on my Gig’s page. I’ve tried using Chrome and Safari, as well as the mobile app, though I’m not seeing any options to edit Gigs in the app.

EDIT: I have somehow fixed the extras problem, but I am still unable to save any changes made to Packages.

Hi, there. I’m experiencing the same problem here. Every time I click save, it just refreshes to empty page again.

I have the same problem - I make changes and it only sometimes seems to actually let them “stick”. Very frustrating! I spent half an hour the other day setting up packages on one of my gigs, then found out later that none of it had saved (except the description). Yesterday I tried to change the delivery from 3 days to 2 days and again it wouldn’t work, I eventually got it to work, but not sure what I did differently from the 4 other times I made the changes and pressed save (and it didn’t save).

Same issue! Mine appeared to save last night…but this morning everything seems to have reverted to what it was before all the changes :frowning: