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Packages. Will you add them?

I have just realised that Fiverr added this feature to (I believe) all categories (graphic for sure). Will you be adding them to your gig? I really don’t know what to do. I would like to earn more money of course, but I am afraid that adding packages will be to confusing to the clients…

I have got a notification from fiverr which told that non packaged gigs would not be able to prioritized in search. So you should add packages.

Yes its better to add packages to your Gig as it describes your business in more systematic way.

But as every coin has two sides the same way it has disadvantage too.

The disadvantage is that your Gig Extras are not displayed on the Main Gig Description page.

The previous feature used to display your Extras under your description but the new feature hides it & displays directly at the order page. So its create lots of confusion among buyers & they are not aware that what extras does this seller provides.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I am also not sure about the packages, but we will all have to test them out and see what works in individual cases, I enabled the packages in one gig that was paused till today, I will see how that goes first.

@misscrystal: Even for me its hard to believe that Fiverr is forcing sellers to use the features. Because still I can see many TRS using the old package system.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yeah, maybe. Their words was more like “Non packaged gigs will not be able to be prioritized in search engine”.

I have added packages to my best selling gig only. I left the others with old system to see which one goes up. And the packaged gig is getting more impression (not sales).

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“I enabled the packages in one gig that was paused till today…”

That was a smart move, hope it goes well, tell us the results! I like the “Graceful Girlz” custom logo design on your profile page’ it’s…graceful!!! :smiley:

I would still like some recommendations from Fiverr about how they expect packages to be used in all their different categories. For me specifically, I don’t really see the benefits of switching to packages. It chops what I can offer down and limits what buyers are able to purchase into these three weird packages, which, at least to me, right now, will not come anywhere near close to what I can offer with my extras. Having one package for 400 words, one package for 800 words, and one package for 1200 words means that I’ve lost three of my extras on my main gig. And I don’t want to force my customers to pay for stuff that they don’t actually want by making packages that include linking and research.

I’m just trying to think about how I would ever be able to configure packages so that buyers who currently buy, say, 20 x 800 words would still be able to buy. Are gig multiples even still a thing with this system? I’ve looked a couple of people who have packages on their gigs and I don’t see anywhere that a buyer could place multiples of a package. Maybe I’m just not seeing it, which is totally possible.

I’m going to be pretty disheartened if I have to switch to packages to keep showing up in search results.

What do you mean by “prioritized”? Shown in a “Recommended” section?

Yes exactly. There is no room for sentences in the little columns, and it makes it difficult for both buyers and sellers to get a picture of what they are getting and choose options. I am concerned.

@emasonwrites You don’t lose anything other than the gig page layout changing quite a bit and said gig extras not being immediately on display.

The packages are what are shown on the gig page, when the customer chooses a package they get sent to the checkout page where you can continue to list all of your gig extras if you so choose and the customer can add them to their package order.

I’ve managed to strip back some of my gig extras and consolidated them into the new auto-generated “extras” that Fiverr gives you. They are system generated add-ons you can turn off or on if you want (I.E. logo design you get Source File, Transparency etc.). This has been handy for me.

Simple way to combat any doubt the customer may have in what you do and do not offer is to set a foundation package / starter package and make it clear on the gig that they can tailor the package to their requirements on checkout.

@misscrystal Those columns are barely different to the amount of space we were allowed for gig extras anyway. They are meant to get the customer on the hook and then from there you can upsell gig extras if you wish. You still have the screen real estate granted to you in the Gig Description area.

I’ve recently rolled out the Packages on my own gig (48 hours ago). I made the choice that I no longer wish to offer $5 gigs due time issues (I spend 10-15 hours a day working on Fiverr and would rather have more time to customers who opt to spend more on my services to give them a better result) and so embraced the option to set a minimum order amount - It’s been great for me thus far. I’m still testing the waters on the whole thing of course!

Overall I think it’s a step in the right direction. Sellers can still offer their $5 service if they so choose but roll everything together and bundle them up in neat package deals for the customer.

Only thing I can think of as a bit of a bummer is that it’s not immediately obvious that the customer is able to add bits and bobs to their order on checkout and that you’re reliant on them reading your gig properly which is difficult at the best of times :wink: But it’s early days, perhaps Fiverr will tweak it a bit further.

I find it confusing after looking at your gigs. Hopefully it’s just me.

I can’t imagine how I could describe options for my own gigs in those narrow spaces.
I like to write in sentences. I need room to describe extras and say what they do.
I can’t have a list down the left as you do for simple one or two word options. You are the first I’ve heard say they are working well for you but I can see how they would in your situation. Confusing and intimidating rather than simple and easy but as I say maybe it’s just me.

I don’t see a delivery time on your gigs?

I find it much more streamlined and far less confusing than before - I can see from the orders I’m getting that the customers are much more clear about what I do and do not offer so there is definitely a method to the madness of introducing gig packages as Fiverr have done. Whether this results in increased sales or decreased sales, time will tell. I’m trialing it for the next month to see how it goes.

But some of your own gigs do have a lot of literature for the customer to consume. Would be a challenge in some regards to convert those into packages I’d agree, but inevitably if they force gig packages as standard, that is what you’re going to have to do, I don’t envy you :wink:

Delivery time is listed at the bottom of the package column.

Thank you for such a thoughtful reply.
At least you can charge more than $5 for the basic service so that is a plus.

So…it’s adding in an another way for buyers to become confused and get distracted during the ordering process? Buy making them choose a package and then choose the extras once they are ordering? I guess I just don’t understand the system and I’m going to be unwilling to test it out on my gigs when they roll it out for my subcategories. Like, I don’t have any auto-generated extras on my gigs.

I don’t have any doubt that this system is better for designers, artists, web developers, and the like. What I need is an example of a writer who had a pricing setup like mine and has successfully translated it into packages that their customers understand and can use to place the same orders they were placing before they switched over to packages. Fiverr says that packages are supposed to make it clearer what a buyer gets when they place an order, but it feels like I’m going to have to spend a lot more time fielding questions about how to place orders than I do right now.

I have 5 gigs.

What I decided to do is to add packages to the 3 gigs that bring in the least sales and see what happens, this way I don’t affect my best selling ones.

It’s been a few days now with no new orders on any of the gigs.

The ones with packages are performing much better than the ones with extras from an analitics point of view.

I am bit confused to be honest.

The one thing I find amazing though is that I can raise the minimum price.

I agree. We want everything to be clear and easy for them to decide what to buy.
My extras work pretty well as they are, except for having a base price of $5 doesn’t work well for me.

Your most expensive package includes a “social media kit”. What is that?

See, this is what I’m talking about. Sellers mention something in the package but there is no description so I’m confused by what I am seeing. I see some words without knowing what they mean or understanding what is being offered.

What I understand and offer trough the social media package are: profile images scaled to the exact resolution for FB, Twitter, Google+ or whatever the client wants and the same goes for banners.

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