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Packing Heat: Making the Switch to Fiverr Packages

Hello. After one too many assholes in the $5 range–more on that later–I said enough. Now just about all my gigs are incredibly lazily upgraded to $10 min packages. One I can’t, the other one works out worse for me in the 2 minutes it took me to upgrade. OK, 10m, the config page works like molasses stuck in superglue trapped in a spider web. But maybe I just need a new laptop.

I have a lot of issues with the package system, but at least those cheap [kind people] will now pause for thought as their $6 investment turns into a more problematic $11 investment. After all, you can buy much more with eleven bucks.

I can’t go back, so there’s only one way to go forward. Am I already crippling myself by not using the whole 3-tier package? Maybe, but I don’t want assholes to own me for $5 anymore, and I can’t think of a way to make my old config work with the new system.

Newcomers: you’re not the only one with sales anxiety, OK? Just keep treading on that mill. I am going to join Buyers Requests for a bit. I am having no luck so far, mainly because they’re just ridiculously stupid. Stop being so paranoid. This is a cheap site that attracts the LCDs.

If only it were the LSDs… but never mind.

There’s gold in those hills. While you whine about it, I’m going to pitch the f out of them. Good luck, whinging nonpoms.

Yeah I know I screwed the numbers up. You get the gist though.

Your packages look very good.
In fact they would look like the old configuration if that column was not down the right side of the description.

I feel the 3 column ones are not good. The way you have it, you still have the description, although it’s squeezed to the left into a wide column.
No more $5 problematic buyers this way. $10 is too rich for their blood.

I have to admit, I’ve been super pleased with what happened after I changed my writing gig to $10 minimum and you have lots more clients than I do. I already had 2 regulars that ordered bulk 2-4 times a month and I was making them custom quotes for $10 anyway since they wanted more words and assistance with posting on WP.

When I changed to $10 min I actually got 1 order out a my next buyer request application and 2 more found me over the next month and bought $10 gigs. They didn’t barter and they were happy that the word count was higher than my old $5 gig. I’ve had zero cancellations on that gig since I changed it and I think that’s because I’m not getting people who just click a $5 order and ask me for free extras.

The 3 tier part hasn’t helped me much, I’ve only sold my middle package a couple of times and I don’t even expect to get orders on the highest one but it’s there in case. It hasn’t hurt me any and the 2 sales that did pay more were worth it. Good luck!!

RE :
the config page works like molasses
But maybe I just need a new laptop.

Unlikely. This is not a hardware issue. I know because I blew an insane amount of cash on building my new desktop with all the bells and whistles, and Fiverr still works slow while using some services. This is server side issue with Fiverr. The rest of the Fiverr site works superfast but the config pages are incredibly slow.

Yes, the rest of the website is fine for me as well, but the editing page is like extracting teeth! It’s particularly unresponsive with scrolling (a small delay of maybe a .5/1 second? It’s irritating…

Yeah, I only spent about 5 minutes on each one–I need to do a proper overhaul over the weekend. Probably not going to introduce x3 packages until I’ve done a little more research and decided on the best way to go about it. Doesn’t the blurb disappear if you introduce packages? Personally, I think it would be better to have the packages & extras under the blurb. They’re already stuck on the right hand side, so…

And yes, fare ye well, $5 cheapos. However, I am getting less views and messages etc. Weird, but could just be a slow time and I did kind of expect this, so.

Sounds good to me! I’d be aiming to make the standard package the main one, but it’s going to be tricky–I don’t want to offer multiple articles/whatever, but that seems to be the key thing in the writing sections. As people can select a word count, that rather leaves me with frivolous “extras” to add on. Photos, subject research, SEO (keyword research)…hm.

I have to say, I’ve had no “hello what do you do for $5 in x gig?” queries, which is nice. On the other hand, it seems that BR is full of people like this who initially write to me then disappear when I quote them. And I’m really spooning on the benefits. sigh. But still. THIS WILL WORK.

How are you able to post new topics? I still can’t do it.

I just use the front page topic starter thing, it works normally. All the other sub-forums seem to still be broken.

It’s probably the universe trying to send a message “money is the root cause of evil, don’t get caught up in the rat race, have a break and enjoy your surroundings”, or maybe that’s just my hyperactive imagination speaking. HALP.

I don’t think the triple packages are particularly helpful, but I’m glad you’ve found a way to remove the $5 buyers. Of course, now we’ll get fewer of your rantings… so pity for those of us who are amused by your forum posts.

I think the triple packages are unhelpful in writing. Either you up which extras you offer and keep the word count the same, or up the wordcount and don’t provide extras. Also, gig extras aren’t generally shown in triple package view! I started out using them and found them atrocious. Plus, I don’t think writing should be linearly priced. If I can write a 500 word article in 20 minutes, it’ll take me over 200 minutes to write a 5k article. If I’m going by effort involved, the more words, the higher the price per word. But packages wouldn’t sell like that, so I gave up on triple packages.

I have heard that packages make some sellers less visible in the listings. The search engine doesn’t know what to do with them, but maybe they will be reindexed.

Keep us posted about how the packages have affected your sales please.

I could share the buyer who compelled me to make this decision. $5 order, of course, but my God, he was a royal asshat. He left a 1-star review of course (“terrible experience”), which CS removed as I’d long before contacted them about his insistence that I call him, edit extra, different content and threatened me with a 1-star review or an eternity of modifications and the legend “you will lose”. Oh, and after he left the 1-star review he inboxed me with the message “1-star review”. The silly fool hasn’t rewritten it since it got deleted, so he’s presumably patting himself on the back for “sticking it to me”. That whole thing was worth $3.96 and took around 2 weeks.

He was a champ! /s

Yes, the packages really don’t work for writing. It’s been optimized for graphic design packages (source files, HD, whatever). Still though, there’s a way to make it work. I’d rather someone else did the thinking and I copied them mind…

I would like it better if we simply could increase our basic price without the packages.

Me too! $5 today is worth less than $5 in 2010, after all. At some point Fiverr is going to have to change that due to inflation, aren’t they? Imagine if the value of the $ suddenly plummets, for example.

Mind you, if that did happen, I think we’d have a lot more to worry about than our jobs!

If a certain person gets elected Pres. watch for that to happen.
It should be an option for TRS to increase base prices.

I’ve been wanting to make the switch to Gig Packages but eh, I don’t know.
Part of me hates the fact that I offer a basic gig of 500 characters for $5 - I like to be a very indepth person but I’m torn because it’s more time consuming and worth more figuratively.

Maybe when I reach 500 reviews + I will consider a change. Meanwhile I’d added new gig extras but I just feel like I need to expand in some way.

Don’t dump it all on the Trumpster truck, h8er!

That’s a pretty good idea re: TRS setting their own base prices. Can’t help but think there would be shrieks of horror and favoritism from others though.

Getting back to your wonderfulselection of presidential candidates–I would trust neither of them with anything–I was talking to a NYC friend the other night and she reckoned that it was all deliberate: make both candidates so horrible that nobody votes. Less votes from more moderate people, more votes from extremists. Throw in Diebold machines and it’s a roll.

She does hang out with the seedy underbelly of NY society though (this is why we are friends!). She was telling me about this crazy lady who unleashed an army of bugs (crickets, grasshoppers etc) on the subway not so long ago.

There’s not much difference to me between Clinton/Trump and Crazy Bug Lady. They have the same end result. Everyone tries to escape from the horror, but the horror ain’t going anywhere.

Or something.

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