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Page is hidden from the top

From the top of the fiverr page’s display some content are hidden. Is this problem is faced only by me or that is happened to all? If it happened with fiverr user is there any solution for that?

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Have you tried zooming to a lesser browser screen size? This has helped me solve that problem.


yeah! but the result remain same, no changes

@lisa_elin_dutch can you please share some screenshots?

I also have the same problem please tell me if anyone has solution…

Yes, this problem had to me. I Install Windows 10 and use firefox browser.
Please use 90% browser zoom size.

same here! :open_mouth:
I will try the zoom 90% or change the resolution of the monitor :thinking:

No changes, after changing resolution or zooming at 90% or lesser

That is a monitor resolution problem. Try updating your display drivers and/or using a different monitor. 1024*740. Are you using a laptop?