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Page listing hurt by cancellations due sickness


Hi all,

So I was doing well with my illustration gig, getting several orders per week. (which was my goal) I also appeared at the first page when searched for my gig’s service.

Then I had an accident and was forced to close all listings and canceled several orders. I’ve since recovered and opened the listings back up, but now my gig no longer appears on the first 1-2 pages when searching for the service I offer. This must be due to the cancellation, I presume? Is there a way to work my placement back up, and if so, how?

My clients are very satisfied & all my reviews are 5 stars. I listed ‘health problems’ when canceling the gigs, but the algorithm seems to punish my gigs regardless. The client’s who’s orders I canceled were all very understanding also.

I’d be very thankful for any advise on how I can fix my listing placement in the search.




Not much you can do but keep delivering great work and apply to buyer requests. Cancellation rates, no matter why, hurt your standing. Give it time, and you will bounce back.



Thanks for the response Charles! The thing is, the 60 day time-line for the reset of my statistics has passed, and now my order completion is back to 100 %, but I’m still showing up very far down in the pages and getting almost no orders.

I guess I’ll have to wait and improve it slowly again, though.


It is a waiting game indeed. Even when I go off for a few days, takes me a few days to tick back up. Nature of the algorthim. Glad to hear you are healthy again.


You could also check your gigs are optimized and clear enough, and send offers to BR for increased chance of orders. eg. the explainer video one says “1 minutes animated video” but also “20 seconds running time” - so it isn’t clear which of those the video would be.