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Page not found when looking for seller

Hi I am a fiverr buyer for about 4 years and i spent close to $1000 over here i have some sellers that i saved and i cant find them anymore


Hi, that probably means those sellers closed their Fiverr accounts or got banned.


In case you mean you had their gigs “favorited” with the heart symbol and had them in your “collection” that’s accessible through Buying > Saved, there seems to be a bug with that since a while, part of my saved gigs have dissappered as well.

Else, Odal’s explanation applies.


if you remembers the complete name of the sellers then just search through url …
like of seller)

Hi @danielb718… …

Yeah, as odal said, many sellers either deactivate their account or get their accounts blocked by Fiverr. This is the reason you longer can see their profiles.
but there is a lot of new talent here. The only headache is to find exactly the same skills set that you’re hunting for.

You can check here, just type name in the search tab. :face_with_monocle: :face_with_monocle:
I hope you will find some. :star_struck:

please contact the CS