Page title should update to reflect any gig title updates


Page title should update to reflect any gig title updates.

I have a gig where by I changed the gig slightly and updated the title to reflect the gig, but the actual on page title ( is not correct to the gig and means I cant share the gig, or I will be lying! Please help.



Thanks for the reply madmoo. Yeah, it really sucks, but I just completed my first order on the gig in question recently and naturally dont want to lose the very valuable feedback, otherwise I would have just created a new gig.

Well, I guess if anybody tried suing me for false advertisement I will just blame Fiverr system! haha.

Also, thanks for the advice on future gigs. Makes sense. :slight_smile:


I think it SHOULD but sadly, it doesn’t. I’ve talked with support about this before and they informed me there was no way for it to be changed, that is just how it goes. So, basically, you are stuck with whatever you put when you first create your gig.

It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard to make it where the URL would update just like other parts of our gigs when we edit it… but I don’t know really. I’m not a web developer or anything. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hoping it’s on Fiverr’s to-do list, but I have a feeling that it may not be right now because it’s not a HUGE problem. It’s just a bit irritating, but doesn’t really effect the functioning of the site overall.


@prohelper27, there’s always a way :wink: If we push them more, they may give in and implement it. But you’re right, it’s probably not one of their bigger issues just yet. I run a website where I have a similar issue. My URLs use unique numbers instead of displaying actual descriptions. Not good for SEO, but not my biggest issue just yet.




You could always promote your short URL =>