Page views doped


hello fiverr community actually those days i noticed my page views and gig traffic will drop day by day and i cant getting orders from new buyers please help how i can retrieve those thing and get no of sales as before.


Mee tooo :confused: for more than 7days no new order’s nothing new and my page views and gig traffic drop like you day by day :confused: i dont know why so i get a bad month ever


Just say no to dope…

Sorry, I joke, but I really would proof your subject lines a little better! Even if your language skills are lacking it isn’t that hard to proofread basics on your gigs or your posts. Ok, that said, moving on.

Your gigs are mostly in one of the most competitive and controversial areas. SEO, keyword ranking and traffic are commonly gigs that get utilized poorly and result in all sorts of contention between sellers and buyers as well as sellers vs. other sellers. If the gig creates any sort of tension that gets back to Fiverr, they will typically lower you or drop you from search results.

I know SEO/ranking/traffic are very popular and have catapulted some people to major success. That doesn’t mean it will work well for everyone. This is controversial too, but I would suggest thinking about other gig categories that are not such a wasteland. You don’t even have to get rid of current gigs to try it. Just put up some interesting things you could do very well and see how it goes. It can be silly, fun, professional, creative, or business but whatever it is, do it well and try to serve your customer in a way that lets them see the real you. They want you to see the “real them” too.


thanks for your suggestion @fonthaunt


Ah, the unintended humor of misspelled words – an unfortunate issue that seems to be a major problem for many here on Fiverr. If only people understood the connection between a good strong business reputation, and proper, readable English. Yes, folks, proofreading is our friend.

Poor grammar and spelling is so dope. :stuck_out_tongue:


I am facing the same problem. My gig do not view last some days. That’s why i don’t get any new buyer and new order also. I think this is a problem. Please help me to remove this problem.