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Page views to sales ratio

Does anyone know whether page views to sales ratio affect it’s popularity?

I have a gig(A) with 16 page views and 12 sales.

another gig(B) has 157 page views with 14 sales.

my gig A is getting sales eventually, but my gig B is getting down day by day.

page veiws show you (the seller) how attractive your gig is, from the numbers you know if you should make changes to your title or picture, the details of the gig affect your sales…thats my opinion

Yes, I do support sereavo’s statement … gig details affect the sales.

But these days … why the sales gone down, my sales are zero, which never use to be from past one year… I use to get atleast 5 orders a day …

will page views affect to mark the gig featured?

Reply to @itschelsea: That is a good question. I am also finding the answer for that. So if you got any answer, please post it here.