Pageviews and Impressions seem buggy


Hey folks – As Salaaam Alaykum (peace be upon you)!

I have a question about the statistics I’m seeing when I click “My Gigs” after the “Sales” tab. When you are in “My Gigs,” you will see 5 columns titled “Impressions from Fiverr,” “Clicks from Impressions,” “Total Pageviews,” “Orders,” and “Conversion Rate.” Then, your gigs are listed down the left hand side and you see your stats for that gig. I’m not sure what “Impressions” or “Pageviews” really mean. I believe I read somewhere that you gain an Impression when your gig appears as a search query, and a page view is when someone actually clicks on your gig. And apparently one of my newly activated gigs has received 68K Impressions from Fiverr! Any more clarification would be helpful. :slight_smile: – sincerely, a confused n00b. :smiley:


I have no idea how those figures are actually generated, but I never believe the Impressions. Maybe it’s real, since I don’t know how Fiverr computes it, but it just doesn’t seem realistic to me. About 12 hours after I created my last gig (I’m not even sure how long it had been “live”) it had 89,000 impressions. It’s been up a week or so and it’s now 110,000. Yet one of my most popular gigs supposedly has only 15,000 for the last 30 days. I’ve been poking around the forums for about 1 1/2 years, and can’t recall anyone who seemed to know for sure how that number is created.

If you find out, would you let me know? ~lol~ (*)


Sure haha, maybe it’s nothing too important to get concerned about :slight_smile: