Pagination for conversations


Enabling pagination for conversations with over e.g. 25 messages would be a real improvement. I personally have some very large conversations at Fiverr. One of them contains 522 messages (I used jQuery to count them, not manually duh!) and took 23 seconds to load. That is terrible, especially because it’s a very active conversation.

I don’t need to see all those past messages from months ago! Just the 25 most recent ones or so matter. It will save users load time and Fiverr some resource usage.


Yeah, I never liked those looong conversations either, having to scroll so much until I reach the last message…

My ideas were slightly different tough:

• an option to show the last message first (thus no need for scrolling to see the newest message)

• email-like capabilities for browsing conversation based on date received - that would be awesome :smiley: