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Paging Fiver Users Who Have Used Fiverr A Few Years

What months have you found are your best months?
Is there a trend to when fiverr is at it’s most active?
I know this largely depends on sellers and their gigs but I do notice that a lot of people have had a bit of a “drought” in sales and I’ve seen people say it’s because a lot of people are on vacation.

So does that mean some months are amazing for fiverr in a general sense?
What do you think?

Users that haven’t been on for a few years that are clicking on this anyway,( :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) what’s your best month been so far for you?

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In my opinion this is total nonsense as Fiverr is a worldwide platform. I didn’t make sales here for a couple of month now, mainly because I say ‘No’ to every request lately.


I know how you feel. I just had a guy asking me for an entire sites copywrite for $10…no joke. I’ve been getting messages like this a lot recently. It’s like they don’t even read the prices and packages dammit. Worst of all, this counts towards our conversion ratio :frowning:


I agree with Mario. Vacations have nothing to do with it. We have the entire world here like he said.


Gigs can experience seasonal variation, depending on the gig and where most of your buyers are.

I’ve also seen a bit of a roller coaster effect lately to Fiverr’s Algorithm shuffling.

Thank goodness for regular clients is all I can say.

I wish you success!




You’re without sales too! Who actually sells anything these days?

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@cyaxrex if it’s any consolation, the only sales I’ve had are from repeat buyers…I’d blame Pro Sellers but things aren’t looking so good for them either :stuck_out_tongue: It’s surprising that everyone who uses the forums has a hard time selling all at once…like a mob effect…are the forums cursed or something?

The forum is great for seeing that the current downturn is affecting everyone. It’s not that users are cursed, it is just that the forum provides a window into the world of everyday people behind Fiverr. In fact, people new to the forum keep popping in to say the same things as the rest of us. Namely, sales died 2-weeks ago. Meanwhile, average prices, updating gigs, and Pro gigs, all seem to on peoples radar when it comes to why things have changed.

The only question is can Pro sellers now come into their own and start keeping the lights on for everybody?

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From what I’ve seen the only one that’s actually made reasonable sales is @paulmaplesden. Fiverr really needs to work on its marketing campaign.

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Having a quick look round, the number of PRO reviews in the original categories since launch (late June 2017) is:

Logos - 40
Social media marketing - 34
Writing - 97
Videos - 12

So that’s a total of 183 reviews, assuming a ratio of 0.7 reviewer peg gig, that means around 260 Pro gigs sold. The average price of Pro gigs varies a lot between categories, but $250 seems reasonable, so around $65,000 of revenue generated. Not too bad, but relatively small potatoes compared to how much is sold on the marketplace as a whole.

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I decline requests a lot because of my gut feeling. I state clearly that I don’t negotiate prices and one of the first things potential buyers want to do is to negotiate. If the communication starts that way I reply with this:
“Sorry, I don’t think that we are a good match. Therefore I think that it is better if you consider one of the many other sellers who are very likely to negotiate prices.”

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I agree with what you’re saying. I always felt there was a flaw in that statement because not everyone is on a “summer break” worldwide.

Thank you! I wish you success as well. :slight_smile: