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Pago del servicio

when the payment of the service is made, will fiverr retain it until the buyer receives the work to the satisfaction? Or do you pay the seller of the service right away?


It all explained in fiverr TOS that you signed.

But shortly: fiverr handles all payments. You place an order, seller completed it, you ask for the revisions if any included in the order and after you mark order as complete sellers receives money.

This is also wrong mindset. Some sellers do provide unlimited revisions, some sellers offer only 2 or even zero revisions. So if the delivery is not up to your satisfaction with some sellers you might be able to revise order as many times as you want and with some sellers you might need to pay extra for extra revisions that are not included in the order.

It sounds like you are a potential new buyer…

Before ordering a gig, please ensure it fully meets your requirements. If you are uncertain, message the seller with any questions before ordering. It is not fair on a seller when buyers order a service and then start asking for extra services that are not included in the gig.

When delivering the order, all the seller has to do is deliver the service described in the gig (or as agreed between the buyer and seller in a message exchange). So, the word ‘satisfaction’ isn’t really the right word to use - as that is open to interpretation. It’s more simple than that. Did the seller deliver what the gig promised? Yes or no.

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