Paid $20 USD for 24hour Delivery - Now 48 Hours on, no delivery - and won't let me cancel?



On Wednesday I ordered a gig for my girlfriend’s birthday today - just over 48 hours ago. I paid an additional $20 for 24 hour delivery. I completed all questions and the seller said he had everything he needed to proceed.

So, I got a red flag yesterday telling me he was late and I could cancel.

I messaged him, saying ‘look, I’m trying to be nice - please deliver soon, or I’ll cancel’.

No response. I just clicked the cancel button and got ‘this order can’t be cancelled at this point’. Why even give me the button if it can’t be cancelled? What can I do? I can keep messaging him, but I paid $20 for 24hr delivery and he’s not delivered.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks. I’ve contacted CS. That’s a kind offer re: the coffee gig, but she doesn’t drink coffee!

The guy I ordered the gig from is a ‘performer’… I could tell he’s got talent (I work in music), hence I ordered from him. My suspicion is that, like many performers of his type, he doesn’t live on planet earth. I doubt he’s being a jerk per-se, just like most performers I’ve met that are his age. It’s what managers were invented for.

I’m not defending him, though. His type does give sellers a bad name - and I doubt most buyers will be as philosophical about the situation as I am…

jgreenslade said: My suspicion is that, like many performers of his type, he doesn't live on planet earth. I doubt he's being a jerk per-se, just like most performers I've met that are his age. It's what managers were invented for.
Translation: He is an irresponsible, childish, jerk. Oh, now it makes sense.



I don’t how he is irresponsible or childish. Sure, he failed to deliver on time and should have contacted. But obviously things come up in life which means you can’t deliver, which sucks of course!


I disagree. I hate how people hide behind labels to get away with things. “He is an artist, so we have to be tolerant and understanding” Nope, sorry, doesnt work for me. He isnt so patient when he wants to get paid is he? “Hey Mr Artist, how about I pay you when the Muses hit me” NO! That would be rejected outright. I think a bad player is a bad player by any name. I don’t think there is anything in life (aside from winding up in the hospital) that you should put before your obligation. Finish your job first and then go hang out with the family or play ball with the gang or whatever. If I am expected to be professional and finish my work on time, then so should everybody else, no exceptions. Anyone who cant live up to a commitment and doesnt even have the decency to beg for forgiveness is a self centered, arrogant, irresponsible individual who thinks the world revolves around him.


Customer service is the way to go on that one.


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