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Paid add markting for Video animation service

i am video artist, i am new here. i provide whiteboard and 2D animated video serivce.

Here, i read that we need to do paid advertisement to promote our self.

Anyone can help in letting me know that on which platforms i can do paid advertisement for my self?

is it all about facebook and linkedin only?


Adwords promotion is not allowed by Fiverr, you can create FB page for your gigs and run paid advertisement.


i have tried it once at facebook, i did not get fruitful results! have you ever tried it?

No I didn’t try but people says that it is not helpful in getting orders its only help in increasing clicks and views.
But if you target your audience it may helpful.

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hmmm that true i guess!

what are your thoughts about playing paid add which appears during fb and youtube videos

I think those ads are by AdWords?
You can create your YouTube channel and drop your Fiverr Profile link in the video description.
Why do you want to run paid ads?
Fiverr give chance to every seller. Create more gigs, send offers to buyer request and do some SEO for your gigs.
Save your gig image with your gigs title keyword and use your title keyword in tags and description.