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Hi everone,
I want to ask if its possible for me to promote my gig with paid ads from facebook,google and bing?
recently my gig was drop way down my gig category that it does not even get view at all.
this gig was given me at least 20 orders per day but now,i hardly get any order.
And if anyone has done paid ads before,any tip or tricks on how to run a successful paid ads with facebook,bing and google.
Your help will highly be appreciated.

Hi Andy. Of course it’s possible! I’m new here so don’t know how effective it’ll be because there seem to be a lot of fake accounts and such but… I would say it depends on the gig type as to which of the suggested platforms is the most effective. Facebook can be fairly cheap and great for raising brand awareness, with some excellent targeting options. For example, you could target people who own small businesses who have certain job titles that may be interested in your services. As for the likes of Google, of course you’ll be able to get direct traffic but there’s a steep minimum you can have in your account so you have to go in feeling pretty confident you’ll get a good return on investment (ROI). Bing I believe offer you free credit at the moment, so it might be worth trialling that (if you’ve never used it before). Hope that helps a little bit.

Yes it is possible. I don’t know if your ads would be successful or not. Pay per click certainly didn’t work for me when I tried it once for something else.

Can I ask what you tried it for, with which platform and what your strategy was?

I’ve often wondered the same thing myself. I’ve used Facebook ads for a website my wife runs, and it helped increase exposure to her site, but it never really generated any revenue. But her site also only made revenues via affiliate links, so we felt that the extra visitors she received was worth the few bucks we spent on the ads, even though it never produced any revenue for us. That’s a nice thing about Facebook ads, too. You can run one for literally $1 a day.

for $1 a day how many clicks I can get ? I mean My ad facebook will show to how many relevant members?

Thanks .
I saw some gigs here offering bing coupon,will bought one of them and try it out.

Thanks for your input.
Will consider trying the $1 day option for five days and see how things go.

Save the $5. :slight_smile:

A buck a day doesn’t do a whole lot, maybe 2-3 clicks depending on your targeted demographic. But it’s a good way to dip your toe into the pond to see if Facebook ads are a route you want to take before going all in. The most I’ve ever spent was about $10 over a 3 day weekend. Again, we got exposure, but generated zero revenue.

You won’t generate sales with a $1 a day pay per click. Even $10 a day. You are not going to make back what you spend. This works best for a big budget and a big website that is capable of generating tons of sales, thousands a day, one such as fiverr.

Yes I completely agree with you!