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Paid Advertising

Does anyone use Paid Advertising for their gig (i.e. Facebook)? If you do, what do you use.


I’ve used Facebook in the past. It remains my favorite advertising platform. :wink:


Really? Do you direct the ads to a landing page or your Fiverr gig? How much do you spend per day?

Free promotion is a good idea but targeted paid promotion might be very expensive and sometimes ineffective. It works for big brands as they can run ads for months, if we run a targeted paid ad for week alone then we might end up on streets.

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I wish I could share the intimate details of my business, but then I would be giving away secrets that affect my success (and that I really don’t want my competitors to know :wink: ).

Suffice it to say, I have used Facebook ads to promote my gig(s), and have gained strong, receptive results from those efforts. I like how easy it is to hyper-target ads on the Facebook platform. With good ad targeting, you can ensure that the exact people who need, want, or are looking for your services are connected to the services that you offer. It does take some skill, though, but I, for one, have gained those skills by successfully marketing other, non-Fiverr projects to even greater success.

I know how you (or others) might want simple, easy, low-effort ways to promote your gigs, but the truth is, there are no easy guarantees. To be successful with advertising – even running and maintaining ads on the Facebook ad platform – you’re going to have to work at it, do a little trial and error, and run a number of campaigns until you find what works for YOU. What I do – even if I were going to tell you all of my secrets --isn’t necessarily going to work exactly the same way for you. You are your own brand, your own business… you have your own target customers. You’re going to have to find your own way of doing these things.

As far as how much I spend per campaign on the FB ads platform, that varies too – entirely based upon my goals and the marks I wish to achieve. I’ve advertised for as little as $5 and have gotten fantastic results for the ads I’ve had in play. I’ve also had ads running for far more than that. Again, it depends upon YOUR goals, YOUR budget, and YOUR advertised content.

If you want to see how that ads platform works, give it a try. See what works for you. If it doesn’t, well, then you’ll know where not to promote. If it does, keep doing it, keep fine-tuning those ads, and keep bringing in new buyers.

Ya gotta be willing to think outside the box, because 99% of your competitors are all doing the same, exact, ineffective things… and they’re all crammed into that one box, because they don’t want to take the risks to try something new outside what they’re used to.

I’ll be honest, it’s the risk-takers that find success. What risks are YOU taking to find YOUR success?


Well, I can tell you’ve gotten results. Sometimes I can’t find your gigs in the search results, but I can see your queue so you’re obviously getting orders even when Fiverr doesn’t feature you in the first 4 rows.

Either way, I understand if you’re hesitant about sharing secrets.

That’s the challenge, figuring out who are my people. Are they small business owners, marketers, advertising agencies, I’ve been hired by all kinds of people.

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A challenge indeed. And, to top that off, for many brands, their target customers change as their prices, services, or target goals change. Your target customers aren’t necessarily going to be the same from year to year (maybe even month to month of you are someone who keeps changing prices, packages, etc).

Keep working at it. There are answers, they just aren’t always easy to find.

I just submitted an ad to Facebook. My target was realtors, for my Facebook ads gig. We’ll see how I do.


Can you please share your experience from this campaign?

As far as I know, I didn’t get a single order from it. I got maybe 1 or 2 likes. Facebook requires a lot of experimentation, several ads for beta testing. It can be very expensive even if you’re only spending $5 per ad.

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