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Paid but no job

Lost my money :confused:


You wrote only 3 words… What do you exceot now that we will abswer to that? :wink:

I have no job for my money

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did you pay a seller for a gig and didn’t get a delivery? Is that what you’re saying?

You can cancel orders by talking to customer support, you know that right?

Yes can you help me please

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if you didn’t receive a delivery, does it state that the order is late and that you can cancel yet? If so, cancel. If not, it should go to where it says its very late and that you can now cancel the order and then you can.

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Contact Fiverr CS in this regard.

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So you’re telling me, you got paid, but you didn’t have to perform a job?
Wow what a savage

that just happened to me really hope someone contacts me asap