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Paid, but the order is not completed?


I’ve placed an order and paid. but fiver would email me when my order is ready. but the seller didn’t get my order. How long does it take to verify? or what happend?


Did you submit requirements to start the order?

Hi there,

if your seller can´t see the order either on their Dashboard or via Selling > Orders, it could be a bug, in which case you´ll need to contact Customer Support:

It doesn´t take time to verify, if an order gets through, as a seller, I immediately get a notification and can see it then, it´s a matter of seconds.

Im sorry this is my first order, what do you mean?

You can cancel your order any time

Hello, where can I find my orders. sorry this is my first time and I can’t find it.

Your payment is safe until you didn’t recicve your order.

Top menu bar on the site, click Buying > Orders.


I’ve waited 2 hours now still no email.

There is no Orders option.21

Hm, okay, then it might yet get through if you wait a bit, if not, use my link from above to contact Customer Support.
I haven´t had that with any of the gigs I´ve bought myself up to now, but apparently, sometimes orders don´t get through because of a technical glitch.

Perhaps because if your order wasn´t yet created, there aren´t any orders yet. I don´t remember if it was there before I placed my first order, too long ago. :slight_smile:

This is what mine looks like:


I don´t think anything will happen after 2 hours, probably a glitch, I´d contact Customer Support, so they can look into it for you. They can refund you also, then you will get the money you paid to your Fiverr balance and can try again (in case you´d want the money refunded to your payment source, you´d need to tell them), but perhaps they can “nudge” the order for you or something if it got stuck.


Oke I’ve contacted support how long does it take them to react?

Depends on how many tickets they got in queue; I´ve got very fast replies, like within an hour, sometimes but it also can take 24 hours or longer.

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oke, thanks. I hope they will fix it. this is my first time. I hope this won’t happen again and that they will fix this

A pity it didn´t go smoothly at your first try of all things really, but surely they can fix it. Here, maybe you need a bit of better luck. :four_leaf_clover:

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haha thanks. I will message here again if its fixed

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Did this get resolved? The same thing just happened to me and I cant see an order and the seller doesnt see it, yet Fiverr took my money. Should I start a chargeback?

Chargebacks are not allowed on fiverr. I would advice you to contact fiverr support team and hey will solve it for you. But keep in mind it takes them 24-48 hours to respond.

Paypal says it was completed successfully. Fiverr says they cant see any order, even though I proved it to them in email from Paypal receipt. They literally STOLE my money and I have to do a PAYPAL dispute now, which means the person who did the work for me doesnt get paid and I dont get the service. Fiverr has really messed things up.