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Paid for a Gig. Its 50% completed. Seller maked it as complete

I havent requested many gigs and slightly confused now.

The seller marked the gig as complete. Does this mean its been paid to them?

I dont want to click any buttons as I am not sure what that could entail.

I sent a message to the seller and said, lets wait till you complete the project first.

So has the money been paid to the seller already?

If it’s complete yes indeed.

The delivered product should be in the order to.

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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The order will be “complete” if the seller says he “delivered” it to you before the time limit runs out or you mark it as complete. There is a 3-day wait in case there is a problem with the order (which in this case, you feel there is), but if nothing else happens the funds are then pending for the seller for the next 14 days, after which time he can withdraw it.

Has the seller responded to your message? Obviously, you feel it is incomplete. Write the seller & tell him that unless he completes his work, that you will ask for a cancellation. Be sure to say what you want done in order to consider it complete. If he doesn’t respond or complete the work, then go to your order page. At the top of the page is a tab showing the order number. Next to it are the words “Resolution Center”. Click on that button and request a cancellation. If for some reason the seller refuses to cancel and doesn’t complete the work click on the Customer Service link (usually bottom of every page) and file a complaint. This is a multi-step process. You can save time by taking screen shots of your correspondence with the seller & submitting that along with your complaint.

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Please know that there are many good people here, but that it’s large size means some less-than-professional folks do get in, too.


I had to order another Gig, this time for 1000 Facebook likes. It was delivered in 24 hours without a fuss…

Then the older Gig suddenly turned up and claimed that Gig as her work…


social_(removed my me)

Dont make me fool i did complete my job 100%

Your previous facebook likes was 1 and now 1234 and twitter followers was 77 and now 639.

See your profile or also you can see this screenshots which i attached for my PROOF that i am honest seller, not like you…

I sent you huge bonus and what you did? Take chance for refund? shame! very shame!

Dont that this kind of cheat for any others… We are Fiverrian…We are a Family…

So that where it is… I contacted support, took a screen of the first Gigs comment which confirms that the Facebook likes are 1000 as done by the last Gig (that did an amazing job)

Oh… just to clarify… the first Gig… Social_… was for 500 Facebook likes and thats why the numbers look Good and they are claiming that as a BONUS i got…

It doesnt take a genius to figure out what Social_… is up to… Quite shameful really

If you’re going to order this kind of gig you never order more than one at a time. How could you prove what came from where?

As for that many likes in that short a time. They’re Bots. Trust me. I know. I provide this service myself. (But I don’t use Bots. I know I know. Everyone says they don’t use Bots. But I actually don’t. That’s why I can only provide 100 max.)

Anyhow. My point is that it took me 2 years to build up a reliable network so I could provide 100 likes. When someone says they can provide 1000s in no time at all… what do you think you’re getting? Is the seller Brad Pitt? How’s he doing it! LOL

Anyhow. Most likely you’ll start to loose likes. This happens because Facebook deletes fake accounts. And anything Liked by the fake account becomes un-liked… because the account is deleted. As for your Facebook page itself… Facebook rarely suspends pages for Bot likes. But it will if it get’s out of hand.

A good tip for Buyers of this kind of service.

" If a Seller offers, in their gig, to replace likes that vanish… THEY USE BOTS! A person who doesn’t use “Bots” will never offer to replace likes that drop… Because they don’t ever drop! lol ". Why don’t they drop? Refer to the previous paragraph.

I made it a point to order a Gig that was provable so thats why I took the 1000 Gig.

I am sure there are other buyers who paid for a Gig and just want the job done, so they can continue with their projects. Its not easy to prep sites etc when the only thing holding up its (in my case) social networks.

As for Facebook… I just needed my 20 likes so I can create a proper named page. A 20 Gig would have sufficed as I just had to get on with setting up my OAuth and so on and have a URL to FB that was easily recognized.

BTW, Support has confirmed what I have said and given me my funds back.

cyberhippie said: We are Fiverrian