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Paid for a gig with Bitcoin via and did not process the purchase

I just paid for two gigs by way of Bitcoin via my and did not process the purchase even though generated payment was processed and received code #'s. I went to Fiverr customer support and was directed to ‘Resolution Center’. However, it looks like I need an order # and Fiverr did not generate an order# that reflected my Bitcoin payment. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should do next?

Same situation over here. But i gone through Paypal, the gig doesn’t processed. is the issue solved for you?

Thanks for the comment. The problem is not resolved. I did get a response from the person I sent the two gigs to, but he could not help me and referred me back to fiverr customer support which is clearly lacking. And, as we both now know, without an Order# provided by Fiverr it is impossible to access resolution center. I sent an inquiry to, over 12 hours ago, and I have not received a response. coinbase has pretty good customer response. And, my BTC purchase was not processed through the blockchain in the traditional 6 confirmation manner as it looks like fiverr has a merchant agreement with…so, I hope I can get the BTC credited back to my account. Good luck with your PayPal purchase. Did you contact PayPal? It is my understanding that PayPal will not refund service related purchases. However, maybe your payment did not even ‘hit’ fiverr.

@dealmein923 There are at least 2 posts from buyers who paid by credit card, which along with Bitcoin, are relatively new means to pay for gigs on Fiverr, who are having exactly the same problem as you: no order has been started even though they received credit card purchase receipts. Both were posted the day after you. Clearly there is some kind of problem with order initiation by Fiverr for orders purchased by means other than Paypal or Fiverr Revenue Card or Fiverr funds. Contact CS again, telling them you are aware of recent problems, and be sure to give them as much information as possible to help them identify your order: the seller’s name, the gig ordered, the date and amount of the order, any information from your Bitcoin receipt. Since an order has obviously not been initiated, the seller is unable to DO anything (something similar happened to me several months ago, not with Bitcoin, but I never got notified of the sale. The only reason I knew about it was because the buyer and I were already communicating about the details of the order, and he kept saying he already ordered, and I kept saying I don’t think so! We were able to get it sorted out with CS).