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Paid for Rush Received nothing but a notice

When I started my relationship with this company, I could not have been more happy…However, I now feel like I have been taken for one hell of a ride…Not only does what you pay for not make delivery…even when it is a rush! Suddenly it disappears! No credit for what you paid for nothing! POOF! Disappears…!!! Without customer service to follow up on we are all on our own…be careful what you pay for…you will not see your money again…nor will the company make the appropriate adjustments because without customer service representatives…buyer beware…

Biggest Fan ever…only to turn into one huge disappointment. I will be letting everyone know that I bragged about to what a failure this endeavor turned into…Really sad…Take the money and run…No customer service or checks and balance.

Really, Really screwed me on what I needed for a huge presentation…sad

Fiverr has customer support.

Helps if you actually read the TOS & FAQ first, you would have seen Customer Support…

You have not explained in detail about what happened. You paid via credit card or PayPal?

I’m sorry you had a negative experience… but if you paid someone with whom you’ve never ordered a gig and have no rapport for a rushed gig that was absolutely crucial to the way you do business… you messed up, too.

Sure, your seller should have gotten your order to you and your money shouldn’t have been wasted, but you set yourself up for failure. Fiverr is full of people – some of them are worth more time and money than others and it’s up to you to partial out those who are from those who aren’t.

As for getting your money back – go to Customer Support. Explain your situation politely and clearly, using screen shots. Submit only one ticket. They are generally helpful if you have been wronged.

Mm, yes, I just dealt with an inbox request for a PR that needs to be completed in 1 hour (more like 30 minutes at this time). I quoted my rush price plus the usual and they disappeared into the ether, saying that I was very pricey and they’d had much better (lowball) offers.

I’ll be pretty amused if he shows up here to rant about the same thing later. I would have had it done by now… lulz. Cheap and cheerful indeed–until…

If you placed an order which was never delivered customer support will refund your money.

The sellers who give such bad service or just take the money and deliver nothing are really doing themselves a huge disservice. Fiverr can be a great steady income if you simply do the job you offer well and on time.