Paid for traffic to my site


I paid a few gigs for traffic to my website. They said I would get a lot of traffic and sent me a link to their stats page for proof that people were hitting my site. However, my host and google showed that I had no traffic. But another traffic indicator said that I have hits from twitter about every minute spanning 20 minutes, that happened several times. Is there any gigs that will give me actual traffic and let me verify that my url has been posted?


Traffic gigs are tough. I would guess that most services that offer actual traffic that is verifiable would cost a fair bit. That would be the case on or off Fiverr in my opinion. If it’s so cheap or promises so much that it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t true. I imagine there are gigs that provide good traffic in ways that someone with expertise could explain better than I can. However they do it, they’d have to market your gig to the right audience for your gig and that audience would have to be real people, so it’s not just going to be something that can be flipped on with a switch or be delivered in 24 hours. Good luck!