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Paid membership to avoid fake sellers

yes…Fiverr should implement a paid membership system, that way bogus “sellers” won’t keep stealing content…

How? look at this:
With a paid membership the seller will pay through the fiverr balance Or though a credit card Only. this membership would include the promotion or whatever.

Why credit card?
yes, because the credit card have your name, address, etc, And with this method, the police or some law or Whatever will look for you if you break rules.
Fake sellers who copy content, or who create fake accounts, or multiple accounts, will not be able to do so because they will have to associate their credit card first to pay the membership.

what think?

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Scammers are a pretty smart bunch.

They will find a way around it.


you are right, they always look for a way to cheat and steal :confused:

There’s always a way. I understand scammers from miles. I enjoy playing their game.
I believe Fiverr should implement a system where there’s a bounty for catching/reporting a scammer.
Reporting and neutralizing a scammer should be rewarded by Fiverr with a badge.

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There are several platforms with a free foothold option and then you need to pay per month. The per month is greater than any amount I could conceivably see coming from that place so while I may lack commitment in the eyes of some, in my world, that just looks like an insane investment.