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Paid out in Euros on mobile, even though I did not request it

Hi there, I’m new to the forums, but have been a very active seller on Fiverr for almost a year now. I was initially quite excited by the news about Fiverr now being able to pay you out in your local currency, as I live in Germany, receiving Euros in definitely more convenient. However, I decided to abstain from using this, due to the slight decrease in overall payout compared to if I was to use PayPal’s rate.

This is all fine and good, as you get the option on the desktop site to choose whether or not to use this feature, however I was rather surprised and disappointed earlier when I went to finally withdraw my earnings on the mobile app, and without ANY kind of “change currency” prompt, or confirmation, it went ahead with sending me money in Euros, despite all of my currency settings being Dollars. I’m wondering if anyone else had this unfortunate situation happen with them, and if I can get any official answer as to whether this problem will be solved in the future? I know it’s a relatively new feature, however it seems a little unfinished if the option isn’t functional on mobile, a platform where I’m sure many of us do a lot of our business with customers and management of their gigs.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum!

Same situation here, USD via PayPal gets me more € than directly withdrawing €, so I’m sticking to withdrawing USD for now.

My September withdrawals were all sent in USD, I don’t remember though whether I used the website or the app, I use both, so it’s possible that I used the website in all cases since that new feature.

We should definitely have the option to choose in the app as well, and I’m glad I saw this post, so I can keep in mind to only use the website until that gets fixed, or until the final amount we’d receive in € would be pretty much the same as via USD.
I’m still hoping for the option for direct withdrawal in € to bank account, I’d originally thought it was going to be that, when I read about the local site and new withdrawal feature a while ago.

Ideally, we’d be able to choose the amount to withdraw and the currency, as it makes little sense to withdraw everything in € if you pay some subscriptions in USD, for instance, you’ll lose money twice in the exchange then.

You’ll have to send a ticket to support to get an official answer :arrow_right:

I’ll keep an eye on this thread in case you get an enlightening answer and update. :slight_smile:

I’m not familiar with your situation. However, I do know that in the app, it automatically withdraws to PayPal and does not give you an option to withdraw via Payoneer. This can be a problem for anyone not aware of the fact.

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Thank you guys for the responses! I must agree with the idea of Euros directly into a bank account. If this was possible, especially with the current rate (albeit worse than PayPal’s), I would probably consider the extra loss due to the convenience, given that otherwise I have to go through a whole tedious process to send it finally to my German bank account. I also do pay many subscriptions in dollars, so converting to Euros directly in this manner is definitely useless for me too. I prefer to have some dollars hanging around since so many transactions over the internet are done using USD. I guess, if anything, this is just a lesson to avoid using the mobile app to withdraw, unless you’re a US seller that only uses PayPal :stuck_out_tongue:

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