Do you guys think that promoted gigs is a bad idea?

Do you think those with less quality of work will promote themselves?

I think it should be more of a pre-paid service, not a based on commission service as a way to filter those who are serious about it and serious about their work.

Do you think TOP sellers will take advantage of it and dominate the paid promoted gig area?


100% bad idea… 100% bad :imp:


Nice clickbait, Joey :slight_smile:

The promoted posts doesn’t seem to be active in any of my categories/subs, so it’s not something that I’m really bothered with at the moment. I’m going to reserve my full judgement until the system has been in place for a bit and we’ve got some forum feedback regarding its utility as a tool (from buyers and seller alike). As far as I remember, there is some quality control in check so not just any old shit gets promoted.

It could be argued that this is the top of a slippery slope into “(pre)pay to play” and other new paid-for features, but we’ll see…


My category doesn’t have it either and it is my guess that it probably won’t.


I noticed it isn’t on all my gigs either but I have a few that are. If I turn them on, I know 25% of them will go to my other gigs…


People whose gigs’ placement is replaced by promoted gigs say it’s a bad idea and those who are not at the top say it’s a good idea. Naturally it’s less sales for those who are at the top currently, unless they use the promotion service themselves to keep the top position.

I don’t understand why the ads have to take over top positions :sweat: Should be on the side or further up to not mix them up with top gigs.