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Paid promotion feature

Yes, it is in beta. Only level 2 and TRS’s have been chosen to try it out.

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Okay guys, so I’ve been testing the new “Promotion” feature this past week. The promotion didn’t start until I placed a bid equal to the recommended pay per click, so I didn’t get any traffic for a week, but once I updated my bid…I received 8 clicks for 2$! And the funny thing is that the original impressions on my gig went down by 100% which is crazy, as I’ve been getting the same results for the last 3 months.

My experience: The promotion didn’t start until I placed a higher bid. For 2$ I got only 8 clicks and the original impressions on the same gig went down by 100% since I received the “Promote your gig” notification.

My thoughts - Our original impressions are going down so that we can get traffic by “promoting” (aka paying) for the traffic of our own gigs (like the 20% commission isn’t high enough). My gig had the “Fiverr’s choice” badge and was always at the top of the first page, I’ve been constantly getting 200-300 clicks a week for the past 3-4 months, the past 7 days (since I started “promoting”) I got only 100 natural clicks, impressions are 100% less as well and I spent 2$ on 8 clicks via the “Promotion” panel.

I’m a bit disappointed and I hope that this feature won’t stick. The only people who’ll lose from this are literary the best sellers that earned their spot on the first page by being hard workers offering a great quality service.

My question - Can someone tell me why I should spent 10$ for 32 clicks? I was getting 300 natural clicks a week by being a good seller that provides a quality service, now my impressions and my clicks are 100% down, so that I can pay 10$ for 32 clicks :rofl:

Also, how is this good for Fiverr? I received only 1 order on the “Fiverr’s choice” gig that I started promoting and the order I got wasn’t due to the promotion. I was getting x2 impressions and x2 clicks, with around 3-4 orders a week before the Promotion thing started so the platform lost approximately 100$ from the 20% cut and made 2$ from me promoting my gig. Good job, Fiverr!


That was pretty much my experience too. It took a week or so to get back to normal once I stopped promoting.


My impressions actually got a boost right after i stopped promoting the gig, which seems like a bad joke to me. Promotions should add additional traffic to the already existing, not remove that traffic so that I can pay to get less than usual.

I originally started this post on September 7 which is also the same day I started the promotion.


In other words, are you saying promotion of gigs doesn’t always imply profits or higher traffic?

That was my experience. I got more orders when I did not promote than when I did, plus I lost money on the clicks. Another issue is that your competition could click on your gig, only to make you waste your promotion :dollar:.

I have to agree, though I didn’t receive any clicks. For me, a promoted $5 order would have turned into $3.34 profit, with 33.2% being deducted as fees by Fiverr which is really not worth it for me.

Of course, that being said, you need to consider your idle time. If you have 80 % free capacities to work, you might want to consider whether the high fees are profitable for you. I personally won’t move a finger for what turns out to be 2.85€ on my bank account later.

Nope, not me either!

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Good! :smiley:
Thinking about it a bit further, let’s talk prices for a moment.
I need approximately 15 minutes to complete a $5 order.

That means I could theoretically finish 4 orders a $20 within 1 hour leaving me with a theoretical hourly pay of $16. If all these would have been promoted orders, the total profit with fees deducted would be $13,36 (11,41€) out of $20 order value. So if I wanted to make up for the fiverr fees, I would need to almost double the amount of 5 Dollar orders I can finish within one hour.

With 8 orders per hour i would get $26 per hour. Then, I think this might be a reasonable investment. If you were to take 60 minutes to complete a $5 order, the promotion feature is hardly feasible. Though that’s subjective and depends on what any seller wants to earn per hour.

That is, of course, if every paid click converts into a 5 Dollar order and doesn’t take any gig extras into account which is probably why Fiverr keeps trying to encourage sellers to upsell their gigs.

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I decreased the BID amount and received a new order, i just received two orders and this two orders the buyer bought without contact me before to purchase.

So i think that’s can be a trend of buyers that bought without contact the seller, so maybe this can be an problem for some sellers. The feature help to get new orders but you need be careful of how much are you paying for each click.

I decreased the velue, because i don’t agree to pay the recommendation of 0.50 in my GIG… is very expensive!

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That is what I base my prices on too!

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That’s very interesting

promote your gig free or paid that’s the only solution