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Paid promotion feature

The same problem for me because I was Pending and now Promoting with no impression


Please open a ticket with the CS now according this problem because I have opened one and I’m waiting them until now to they know this a general problem.

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I am still waiting for my gig this service.

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Same Problem Facing :expressionless:

I have the option for promoted gig, I was running the promoted gig and it went very well for me but now I cannot see any impression or click. No idea why.

same here,
I also promoted my gig, but these days no impression or clicks

Open a ticket with CS in Report a Bug > Gig > My Gig page isn’t loading

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Hi All! :cherry_blossom:
I am pretty new here and by going through the info about promotion I still can’t get if it’s worth it or not :slight_smile:
And if a gig in my category(lifestyle) can be promoted at all … :smiley: It doesn’t seem like, but I don’t get the logic why the feature would not be available for all gigs.

Was just wondering if anyone would be able to suggest something here or it’s better to contact support.

I would be grateful for your hints and advices! :innocent: :heart:

What happened now for this problem? with you

What happened now for this problem? with you

@designs_4u1 the campaign is not running. 0 Impressions 0 clicks 0 spends.

I have sent to CS and this their reply

This problem because the additional quality metrics