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Paid promotion feature

I am actually biddin at the highest price, yet no result.

It says underneath “A bid must be between $0.02 - $3.” Maybe the system can’t work with $3.01. I’d set it to $1.60 or something and wait for a couple of days to see if anything is happening.

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Nah, check my previous screenshot, my bid is on $3, the above screenshot was just to show what is the highest bid because adding more than $3 for the bid triggers the system and shows you what is the maximum amount you can bid on. My bid is at $3 which is the maximum and gives more priority to gig, which it is not doing, not at all.

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It does work, and yes higher the bidding amount the better position you secure. and you limit the budget for daily spending so once you have consumed that budget your gig wont be promoted for that day so more people can enjoy the benefits

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I think there is a bug or maybe it’s intentional. Mine stopped promoting for many days then suddenly started again. It might also be because the bid wasn’t high enough, but I didn’t change that when it started again. Someone said on the forum that a gig can go not available to promote I think (though it didn’t say it wasn’t available to). Maybe it takes dashboard stats/recent orders/ratings into account. Maybe some subcategories have too many users promoting their gigs currently so it stops others promoting them there.

This feature work with you now or not

Enjoy while it lasts. Please come back and share the results.

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I earned $200 from $5 using this feature


Yes impressions are increasing again a bit and some days clicks on the promoted gigs dashboard.

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Dear friend,
You must try this awesome feature and you are lucky that Fiver that made for you.
Happy earning!

This feature is good for me. It increased my revenues and my gigs rankings are getting up as well.

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Congratulations :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Please, the feature work with you again after one month or two month

I think it was after around a month that it had stopped working for me (impressions on the gig dashboard weren’t increasing despite high enough bid amounts), then after that impressions increased probably every day.

Though there’s no history of it shown to be totally sure. They should show a graph of impressions like they do on the gigs page but on gigs dashboard so you can see impressions & clicks just for the ad promotions over time.

Though you do get monthly emails with the total ad spend amount but that doesn’t show what the ad impressions were at certain dates/when they stopped (edit: they gave me an email with “recap of your promoted gigs activity” that has total impressions and clicks for November but they didn’t for December). Though the ad spend for December is a lot less than the one for November. I’m still using the Fiverr $10 gift for the promotion.

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wow thats great!! keep going

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Must try it. And share your result and experience with us!!!

Hi, Please What is your daily spend limit now?

Unfortunately, I am still trying to learn more about the Fiverr promotion feature

yes i have to get also