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Paid review buyer account noticed

Hey guys,
I need help how to protect my gig from paid review buyer accounts?

I believe I have noticed a pattern, (since its not my first time) they do not make any contact before, during or after the order delivery, once you deliver they immediately check the gig as complete and only leave bad review? (or the deadly 4.3 - that is slow but sure way to kill someones gig, and not easily noticeable by real buyers since its not 1.0 that indicates bad review on purpose )

Here is an example, the review comment has absolutely nothing to do with the real gig experience, you can see how mad and detailed answer i give : ***********.

I have that kind of order right now and i’ve searched their reviews on other peoples gigs and i see the pattern.

  • You can easily see any buyer account review history by simply right click google search on names of the accounts they have reviewed

I’m scared that if i contact CS I might get a warning ? Should i try to cancel the order?

Another big problem is that the sellers, usually give 5 star reviews since they wish the buyer to come back, and that makes hardly no chance for next seller to predict what kind of buyer is ordering.

I guess one way to protect yourself from this kind of stuff is to increase your prices,since I see that top rating gigs in my category have increased their prices noticeably lately, because surely they had similar experience.

Anyone with this kind of experience?

EDIT: I really hope I’m wrong about this, but after seeing the facebook groups that offer paid reviews and saving of gigs, I cant help but suspect that I might been a victim of this kinds of doings, unfortunately.

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Report him for what exactly? Do you mean the buyer you have now? What has he done?

We all get reviews like that sometimes. It goes with the territory. Higher prices does help somewhat.


I have multiple orders right now, and majority of them are by real buyers, one of them is from a buyer account that shows the traits i just mentioned in the first post in this topic. The biggest clue for me is the total ignoring of my messages ( they open them immediately though). The last two accounts that left that kind of review did the exact same thing. There is a reoccurring pattern that makes me suspicious that they are paid reviews…

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What is a real buyer and what is a fake buyer? Buyers do not have to leave five-star reviews. You cannot report a buyer for not giving you the review that you want.


No one is paying for reviews of your account. It’s just the usual bunch of assorted people who buy our gigs. You’ll eventually get used to it. I know what you mean though and a higher price may help.

There are thousands of people in our category and no one is targeting particular new sellers to leave 4 star reviews on.

Right now about 2,000 new sellers a day in our category are arriving so it wouldn’t make sense to pick you out to leave 4 star reviews on.

When someone is only spending $5 they don’t care about messaging you or asking questions as much. You get it and forget it mostly for lots of buyers.


I know it sounds kinda paranoid from my side, but i noticed a pattern :slight_smile: And there are all kinds of people out there, and some of them make their full monthly pay here on fiverr… And are very serious about their competition…In my category (the specific tagsthat users usually search), we have only 3 pages of gigs… Also there are a lot of facebook groups for paid review and saving of gigs.( I can provide links) I just thought I noticed one account that might be one of them, but since sadly there is no way to prove it, i will have to make the delivery…I really really hope that I’m wrong!

You are new. These things won’t matter to you and you won’t even think about them in time. They do not pick out new sellers to target the way you think. And if they did why not leave a 1 star review?

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The only thing I think you can do, is try to filter the buyers who talk to you first before ordering. If you find out on their profile that they never give 5 star reviews, you can make up an excuse (always politely!) and block them.

But if they order straight away, there’s nothing you can do. And it doesn’t mean they are scammers, some people unfortunately just don’t give 5 stars…