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Paid reviews and ratings

One thing I’m noticing is that sellers here are buying reviews and rating on their gigs. Do you think it helps new users to grow on this platform?


May it helps the new users But remember that do everything by your own professionalism.What if you got the fake reviews and rating and you don’t know about the work?
Do everything yourself,wait and keep patience and focus on your skills and skill to convince the buyer,you will get orders,reviews and rating.


are you really asking this ?


Are you serious?

Are you serious too??

I would strongly advise you to read fiverr TOS because you both obviously ignored that part. It’s strictly forbidden on fiverr to buy reviews. And your account might be banned for that.
I still can’t believe that you are not only thinking about doing something illegal and morally unacceptable but also going and asking about this publicly :woman_shrugging::woman_facepalming:


I’ve no plans on buying such reviews. I asked people’s opinion here at forum because I’m getting messages regarding this paid reviews and I’m getting tagged on FB fiverr groups. My question is misunderstood.

There shouldn’t even be a question about that.

It’s against tos so no way it could help anyone no matter if you are tagged on fb groups etc. Sooner or later those people will be caught and banned from fiverr and you shouldn’t spend time in the groups where people trying to find a way around the system with breaking the rules.


I agree with you.
I hope fiverr should come up with a rule that only buyer can post rating and review on seller’s gig. Not any random fiverr member.

As buying reviews is prohibited by fiverr we should not do this. It is morally unacceptable rather its better to do something by your hard working.

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No, it never helps you to get orders and its against fiverr TOS…Don’t even think about it…fiverr is a gold mine, if you dig properly you can find the treasure.


There are also people who manage to grow without buying reviews and implying other unfair and disallowed practices.
It’s less risky and all-around better to take those as role models than people who buy reviews.

It might help them grow but if they are found out, they’ll get booted and might not ever be able to have a Fiverr account again, also it’s not a very sustainable business model if their deliveries don’t match the bought reviews.

So, no, don’t buy reviews. And above all, don’t buy reviews and then come and complain on the forum about how Fiverr banned you without a reason.

(you=people who ponder buying fake reviews)

It’s a pity one can’t buy moral compasses. If everyone was gifted one right at birth, our world would look so different. :upside_down_face:


Only a person who purchases an order, gets it delivered, and marks it as complete can leave a review.

Or are you able to go to any random seller’s gig and leave a review without buying it first? If you are, please notify Customer Support immediately, because it would be a serious glitch.


Ive heard of people doing that. But it is ethically wrong and Fiverr might ban.

So, lets not encourage the practice


If that’s the case, how these people are selling ratings and reviews?

From Social Media Like Facebook or Whatsapp Group

It’s forbidden and against the ToS.

It’s not really a good idea to post How-Tos for something that’s against Fiverr’s ToS on Fiverr’s forum. Also no need to give people who can’t imagine how that might work bad ideas that might get them banned. If you’re that curious, better ask those people.

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No. This will only result in your account being banned.

What you could do to improve you chances on Fiverr, is join a Facebook group where people swap reviews, before taking a few screenshots and sending them to Fiverr to help them identify sellers buying reviews.

If Fiverr takes action, you might find that you end up with fewer competitors. :wink:

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This is like you are asking to rob a bank and at the same time you asking is that help you to be rich. maybe or may not, but defeneatly robbing a bank is something should not do as it is illegal. Even if you get rich, there’ll be a day you’ll get caught. Even if you are not get caught, You’ll keep the fear with you forever. Same applies here.

Example credit goes to @catwriter :man_dancing:

I think that they actually make an order on a gig and then leave a review. Otherwise there is no way where people can leave reviews on a gig.

for me that is the worst strategy should not buy (reviews) because if this happens to draw attention to future buyers, it would not be known exactly if the seller makes a good deal.

I agree with you. Fiverr never support unethical matter.

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