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Paid Sponsorship on Fiverr? Good or bad?


I once suggested this to custom support. In addition to featured gigs, I think there should be sponsored spots, possibly posted above featured gigs. The sponsored/paid spots would be for a full day exposure. Maybe they could rotate just 4 or 5 different sponsored gigs within a single day. I know how valuable it is to be on the homepage, and I’m willing to pay, because my featured gig gets orders when its shown, but the time shown is too short due to the rotating of the gigs.

Its kind of like how WF is setup. To weed out scammers, maybe it can be oftered to level 2 and/or top rated sellers only. What do you guys think?



I think its something they’ll some day implement. Most sites do. We’ll see.


My 2 Pence Worth or if your in the US 2 Cents worth (Hey I’m British!)

Personally I prefer the Fiverr eco-system as it stands, I think introducing a tiered system whereby you can pay for top spots like Google Ad’s would create an unbalanced marketplace where only the top sellers that churn over thousands of sales per month; such as some of the big SEO Sellers would see this as an advantage, they have lots of liquid profit to put into this these sponsored places and I think we would see the same sellers over and over again advertising. The issue is sellers of similar services that are not cash rich would be starved off and that would create a huge imbalance with no or little choice for buyers, when that happens the market place dies (no diverse mix of sellers, no buyers). I think Fiverr will become a very successful marketplace in the future if these values are retained as my old grandfather used to say to me: “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it”

Keep your suggestions coming though, you never know one might just stick, and it’s usually that one that make a big impact in making Fiverr better for Everyone :slight_smile:




Reply to @ozzieuk: Makes sense. Touché!


The real issue is it’s not scalable except by having it be a “bid based” marketplace. In which case it tends to concentrate economic power. Right now, anyone can become featured. And once featured you clearly do “rotate” …

The point about Scale is that Fiverr is a very serious website. It’s income is from being a platform tool and sharing in our profits. There is only (at any one time) 1 top spot.

There are not 10000 top spots.

So either you start to “sell” views, and scale comes though more traffic, And there are huge problems with views.

NOW what no one has discussed and I would be totally FOR and it has SCALE!

Since “search” doesn’t have “featured gigs” …I"d be all for a bid based marketplace on “Search”


Like other sites before it the downfall of Fiverr would be if they became ad content based for their profits. If that happened I would move on. I like Fiverr just the way it is (but then it works for me)


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I agree with that part.


I agree with everyone else here! I’m a new seller and am working hard to level up and would love to be featured, but if others with more clout could “pay their way” to more views, then I would have absolutely no chance.

I’ve ranked high in my category a few times just because of my activity. I like it that way.