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Paid through Paypal but Seller did not receive payment?


I purchased 3 gigs yesterday from a seller through paypal. Fiverr received the payment, yet it did not reflect in my Fiverr account, what is going on? I need to pay this man so I can get my services completed, is there a telephone number I can call?? There is also nothing in my todo list, showing that I paid ; (


I have a similar problem. The buyer paid for my gig, but no payment ever arrived in my paypal acct. Does anyone know how to contact Fiverr about this?


I also have the problem that Fiverr has received $90 from me, the buyer, and never credited it to the seller. I have sent 3 requests to the Fiverr support section. That has been over 2 weeks. There has been no response to me or the seller. I filed a claim with PayPal. Fiverr did not respond to their request for information. What is a person supposed to do to fix this mess? With all the orders I have made in the past this is the only one that has been a problem. They are holding up my opt-in for my website by their refusal to pay the seller. I love the services the sellers provide. I wish the administration would be supportive of someone other than their own money making needs.