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Paid with bitcoin but it re-generated a new address

I was trying to buy a logo design for my company Vista Capital Consultants (A Bit Coin Brokerage and small business lender). When I sent the bit coin it showed on my end that it was paid/sent successfully to you. However it still generated another timer at which it restarted at 10 minutes. Please fix this error and give me the $25 credit in my account.


Hi @wisemanforyou. This is not Support. These are users like yourself. Please contact Support here:

I can’t contact them since I never completed the message and it asks if “I contacted the seller!” How can one contact a seller if they can’t get past the payment side? Please if you work for Fiverr, help me here! I’ve never had a problem and really don’t want to start now :slight_smile:

As @eddiethornton said, none of us on the forums works for Fiverr. We are members, buyers or sellers or both, just like you. Sometimes we post our problems because someone else may have run into the same issue and we can share how we solved our problems. Yours is obviously a technical problem originating from Fiverr, which none of us can solve for you. When you go to the Customer Support page, pass over the FAQ’s and file a report (they call it filing a ticket). You’ll need to set up a CS account, confirming the email address you wish to use. After you do that and file a ticket (you can attach screenshots, such as what you’ve posted here) you’ll receive a verification email to the address you listed. Click the link in that email to verify that you did file this report. Your ticket will be assigned a number (in the verification email) which you need to use in any communications with CS. Do not create new tickets if you don’t hear anything from CS right away; it only delays their ability to resolve your problem. If they are very busy you may not get a response (other than the verification email) right away.