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how do i get paid from fiverr to my pay pal please help

Once you’ve gotten some revenue from orders and they are available to be withdrawn, there will be a paypal button in your revenues page which you can click. Once clicked, you will be asked for your paypal email, and when you’ve submitted that information, you will get an email with further instructions. :slight_smile:

Reply to @dashingcovers: thanks for helping but i have gotten a buyer and i have not seen the payment on my gig and that was like 5 days ago

Reply to @chris2k4: Did you deliver the work by clicking deliver from the order pages? If so, the the buyer give you a rating? What exact date did you click deliver and send the work?

Reply to @fonthaunt: i send her a link and she payed for the gig she even sent me the screenshot to show me that she paid for it

Reply to @chris2k4: Please answer the exact questions that I asked.