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Painful Observation - Sellers+Admins - NB

Of course, everyone should be fully aware of the risks associated with delivering an order late, but there is something that needs to be addressed, possibly by the technical team and needs to be carefully noted by Sellers.

  1. There is a notification whenever a new order is placed.
  2. There is a notification presenting a ‘warning’ (After) you’re later in delivering your order.

Leaving out step #2 above is an intentional note to really point out that something is missing in the coding or notification checklist throughout an order duration.

A gentle note in the same manner would go a long way if sent an hour prior to the deadline regarding a particular order, as the update sent (occasionally) regarding “sales due tomorrow” may not necessarily be sufficient to keep Sellers aware of deadlines, particular for those who may have orders configured with a 24 Hour deadline by default.

Having an order registered as ‘Late’ can easily be avoided in cases where that ‘warning notification’ is sent a least an hour prior to the deadline, as opposed to approximately thirty (30) minutes “after” the clock says 00:00:00.

This may not affect newbies as much, but whenever orders start pouring in, they may face the same issue where a gentle reminder to update the buyer of their status, would save their “Delivered on time” statistic, even though it arguably has no effect on sales, according to CS.

As it relates to Customer Service, being able to keep a customer informed prior to being faced with queries of a surprise late delivery notice, accompanied by concern, is a priority all sellers should ensure they take every precaution to meet; even though there is no notice or forum post (personally seen) regarding this missing aspect, I will use this opportunity to notify and voice this area that needs to be given due diligence by both Sellers and Admins alike.

We all need all the help we can get, from both the platform and other Sellers; only so can we ensure the elimination of all loopholes to enhance quality service of ALL users of this platform.

Kind Regards,

We are all self employed here. No boss is looking over our shoulders to make sure we deliver orders by the deadline. It’s our own responsibility. I don’t need babying or more messages to tell me it’s an hour before delivery time and would find it annoying.

We can simply look at our sales page and orders to see huge numbers showing a clock counting down to delivery time.

The app tells you that you have orders due tomorrow sometimes. I hardly ever use the app as it is a steaming pile (imo!), but all you need to do is keep tabs on your to-do list. If you’re getting a ton of orders, you’ll be looking at your to-do list a lot as you work through the orders.

This is essentially a non-issue.

The to-do list works for the most part, but the issue lies with the notification that you may get only after something has gone wrong, seeing we’re all prone to missing something sooner or later. 2 deliveries may have similar deadlines, and after meeting those… just get slapped with a late notice for a possibly forgotten one due to focusing on the other 2 mindful deadlines.

Some sellers may have instances where they’re away from their workstation for whatever reason and may be able to give a heads up to the buyer before time vanishes.

This sounds more like poor time management and possibly stress-related forgetfulness/tunnel-vision to me, to be honest. It’s virtually impossible to ignore the to-do list as a worker.

As Fiverr recommends, if sellers have trouble delivering in a timely manner, it’s time to increase prices and/or delivery times. Getting an extra email to say “oh no, it looks like you’ll be late” is just going to be more irritating nannying.

In short, we run our own businesses. We should be mindful of our own deadlines. “The dog ate my homework” is about the level this reasoning is at. It just doesn’t work.

If you can look at your email to see the message that you are about to be late,
why can’t you look at your to-do list to see what orders are getting near the deadline?

Because being spoonfed is easier than having to make autonomous decisions and take responsibility for your own actions?