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Painting and drawing appeal customers in fiverr

i wanted to ask if you think that paintings and drawings services have any appeal to people that visit fiverr or visitors prefer fiverr for business promotion and marketing at most. I ask this because i want to know what to expect from fiverr about my gigs.
thank you


The fact that there is a category for art suggests that there’s demand enough to support listing it. In the time since your last thread, what have you done to improve your gig? Since you only have the one, you need to make sure it’s outstanding. (Honestly I find your sample a bit creepy/uncanny valley.) More samples might help. Your gig description doesn’t support all your packages. You have no FAQs. And I can’t tell if you mean to paint digitally or with oil-on-canvas.

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I made the last thread to have some feedback, so as to improve my gigs. However, there was no reply. I really appreciate your feedback. I will follow your advices and reconsinder some things. thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

You also stated in your other thread that “i have read many tips in forum”.

This is good and you should keep on doing it. Be proactive. Don’t wait for people to come to you with advice, go and seek it.