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Painting by numbers seems to be the better option!

To advertise yourself as something or to deliver something is one thing, but this issue is not far short of false advertising. I grant you that most of these gigs are indeed ridiculously low and one should not expect the world for such a low price. But come on, it comes to something when I could do a logo, painted by numbers and still come up with a product far better that the rubbish that I was sent, and thought they were doing me a favour by completing the gig in under 5 instead of the advertised 12 hours.

Being an expert in Photoshop for a good number of years, I thought that I would outsource this “logo” work to relieve some of the work-load which I found myself in. Waste of time. Then, the provider wanted me to change my negative review to a positive one. Are you for real?

Needless to say, an ongoing dispute is underway with Fiverr Support, who have asked me to negotiate with the provider for an amicable resolve. I have done, twice. I don’t call that negotiating, I call it passing the buck!

Very angry!

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I’m sorry you’re angry (don’t be, though, doesn’t help you, life’s too short to be angry about such stuff ;)) but I love your thread title! :cat:

The problem with the logo design category is that there are lots and lots of posts on the Internet that tell people how easy it is to earn money on Fiverr by offering logos, with the result that while there are great designers there, there also are quite a few who’d better use a paint by numbers software ;).
Another often repeated forum tip BTW unfortunately is to always reverse-search seller’s profile and gig pics, as the other problem that comes with bad logos is copy pasted logos, because sellers who can’t paint by numbers might not be able to read and aren’t aware of IP either, better check that too in case of future purchases.

If you want good but still affordable work, you can get that on Fiverr, absolutely, and probably often just the same or even better quality in some cases than ‘out there’, there’s a reason that people who have to work with a budget come here after all, but it might require a bit of ‘research’ and experience to find the good sellers.

Personally I’m a seller and don’t buy much, but my latest purchase, a custom drawing, was awesome and in my eyes worth more than the price I payed, so I tipped the same amount the gig cost me even.


Thank you Miiila,
I totally understand what you are saying here. I do have a great deal of experience in Photoshop but decided to outsource this work due to a “heavy” workload that I have and therefore gave a money making opportunity to someone else whilst I carried on with my other work. Bad idea! I am not knocking other people or their gigs here, I am sure that there are some great gigs out there and I have yet to find them for whatever category, but what I do despise is people pertaining to do this and do that when in reality it’s nothing short of rubbish. Taking money from people without delivering the goods, then having the cheek to ask me if I’d change my review from bad to good! Really! I have not mentioned the person’s name or indeed gig through not wishing to embarrass this person further.

It seems that in order for me to find the right provider for whatever category I need to continue with further money being extracted. Painting by numbers seems to be the better option, that or delivering work even later to clients.

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Yes, I fully understand that too, I’m a translator and sometimes I get customers who hired a translator who just used Google Translate, not even doing the work of correcting the many mistakes automated translation still comes up with (many people will tell you Google is just as good as a person, but be assured that it still does things like simply leaving out the verb of a sentence if it´s too complicated for it, or picks the only in the context really wrong word out of a selection of several possible direct translations), and there are translators offering languages they don´t even speak, which probably is the equivalent of the paint by number logo makers, just with the added problem that a buyer who doesn´t speak the target language either won´t know if the job was done well or not, unless a friend who does, or a customers (!) tells them…if there was any sense in getting angry not just on the good sellers’ behalf (who won´t get the jobs because the bad sellers can be cheaper, as they need, say, 2 minutes to ‘translate’ a text a good seller needs 2 hours for, but also on the buyers’ behalf when seeing such things, I´d get angry quite often too. :wink:

Many buyers here on the forum recommend looking well at sellers’ descriptions etc., filtering for a few who look okay, and then to test them with a 5$ gig, before deciding on the best one for the real deal. Maybe that can work for you, depends of course a bit on what kind of things you need to get done.

I got a logo once then about a year later I saw someone else with my logo. I asked them about it and they made it with a logo app on there phone. My 40$ logo took 2 seconds to make and now looks like crap to me.

Sorry to hear that Fortisq, unfortunately, I have found out to my cost that these things happen. So I went back to Photoshop, with more time on my hands, and produced the logo myself. And if I do say so myself, it looks the dogs do da to me. And I am very pleased with it. It only cost me about £15 with a learning process which I got from the gig in the end.

Anyway, be lucky!