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Pakistan community come and suggestion me?


every person help to a second person m happy to see this ?


You can always contact CS to inquire about any upcoming events. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to ask about hosting one in your community.


i am happy to meet you @nikavoice


who is CS @nikavoice ?


Nice to meet you, too. :smiley:

CS stands for Customer Service.

You may contact them here.


@nikavoice can cs respone on the spot ?:slightly_smiling_face:


Response time varies anywhere up to 24-48 hours. :coffee:


where are from ? @nikavoice :relaxed:


From a magical & mystical place called Narnia, ever heard of it? :grin:


yes i know and also watch this movie owsome place :kissing_closed_eyes:


nice place + nice person :heart_eyes: