Pakistan Resolution Day


Happy Pakistan Resolution Day to all Pakistani Freelancers/sellers/buyers…

“Hum ne aj is roz aik alag watan ka irada kia tha aur phr hum ne kamyabi se alag watan hasil kr lia, aj hum ya irada krtay hain k hm ne is watan se fasadion ka khatma krna he, Allah hmay kamyaabi de”

Army chief qamar javed bajwa

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Translation via Google:

If we do not have a different name, then we have to do something that is different from us, but we do not know how to do it, we have to do the work of God, we will do the same.


Happy Resolution Day.

P.S that baby is cute but his photo on your profile looks kinda unprofessional.


I am not professional either… but the Baby is :smiley:

I will change it, I keep changing…Thank you


Pakistan zindaabad.Pak Army zindabad


Happy Resolution day. The parade was awesome. Hats off to the Pak army. Pakistan Zindabad.


Happy Pakistan Resolution Day.



1stly, I am glad to see such a unity and care for allied countires.
Happy Pakistan Resolution Day!!

As i am a Pakistani, let me tell you how are we celeberating it.
Today, Mostly Colleges and schools have organized a function in which patriotic speeches, presentations, songs are presented. Young men are celeberating this day by making a group and visiting around the city rising and flapping The Country Flag high.

Today, At our Academy we have decided to present patriotic speeches regarding this day and about our country. I am currently preparing my speech. I will record some of speeches and post them here if i could.


That ll be highly appreciated.:heart_eyes:


Minar-e- Pakistan Lahore fireworks video


Your baby looks great, you’re obviously a very proud new father - congratulations to you both!


Thank you so much, yes He’s enjoying his 3rd month in this world. The father and mother are on the moon… so is grand father and grand mother… Babies are real blessing of GOD, my mother is hypertensive, but now after his birth, her health is improving…


I suppose there was a Chinese Army contingent participating in the march too?

I like this Bajwa guy. Within a short period of time, he has accomplished several national goals which were stuck since decades. CPEC has been fast tracked, Gawadar, NAP, Zarb-e-azab nearing completion, census has been successfully completed recently.


Yes ,this time Chinese,Saudia and Turkish army participated in national ceremony of Pakistan Resolution Day.

Yes ,he is a great man.:slight_smile: Very much passionate to remove off terrorism from Pakistan.