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Pakistan : What is the latest total deductions for direct bank deposit? [REDIRECTED]


I’m a Level 1 seller from Pakistan. I wonder if you could render me some help about latest knowledge of withdrawing income to direct bank account option offered by Fiverr through payonoeer.

I spoke with Paynoeer Customer Center about this. They said, that Fiverr is now their partner and withdrawing funds from Fiverr to Payoneer will cost $1. Thereafter, from paynoeer to local bank account will cost additional 2%.

Two Questions:

1) Do you have any experience about how much further deductions happen within Pakistan on these amounts?
2) Which bank should I use for minimum deductions?

Thanks a lot,
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no body here to help us on this matter.:disappointed:

There was a recent thread which may help you:

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@makhtar87 please read all the replied in that thread, mentioned by offlinehelpers :slight_smile:

Thanks @offlinehelpers

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